Jardinains: A Free, Classic and Addictive Block Breaking Game for Windows, Linux and Mac

Recently I found this game in one of my friends computer and got addicted to this amazing game. I searched on Internet and found the official website to download this game.

"Jardinains" game is actually a new version of old classic block breaking ball and paddle games like Arkanoid and Breakout. You get a paddle and a ball in this game. You can move this paddle left and right using your mouse. You can also click your mouse to do various things (such as releasing the ball or firing weapons).

Above your paddle, you'll see an assortment of bricks. You need to destroy these bricks with the ball which you strike by the paddle. Hit all the bricks with the ball and you'll move to the next level.


Sounds easy? Well here comes the twist. Inside the bricks live "Nains". Nains are cute little critters who pop out of their bricks every now and then to have some fun and give you a headache. You and the nains don't see eye to eye. They want to throw stuff at your paddle; you want to knock them off their bricks. Luckily, your ball is a great way to knock nains off bricks.

Once you've knocked the nains off the bricks, you can bounce them for points, bonuses, and personal gratification. These powerups will (usually) help you knock more nains off their bricks even faster than before, often with amusing results.

The game comes in 4 modes: Easy, Normal, Hard and Insane. It also allows you to create multiple players so that you can use one for you, one for your friend and so on.

The game is absolutely free and there is a paid version as well. If you like the free version, you can buy the full version for a whole slew of extra levels, nains, and other good stuff.

You can download it using following link:

Download Jardinains Game

BONUS TIP: The game comes with some cheat codes. To cheat just pause the game by pressing P key, now press the C key, and click OK. Now you can use following keyboard cheats while the game is running:

  • Press G to keep from losing your ball (and to substantially grow your paddle)
  • Press N to advance to the next level
  • Press the number 1-7 to change your ball
  • Press S to toggle slow motion

Bear in mind that enabling cheats will disqualify your current game from the high-score list.

If you know other similar games, please let us know in your comment...

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