Is Your PC Ready for Windows 7? Check Yourself Using Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

We all know that Microsoft is going to release Windows 7 RTM (final version) to public tomorrow, October 22nd, 2009. If you are planning to purchase a copy of Windows 7 RTM, you should first check whether your current system is compatible with Windows 7 or not.

Microsoft has released a free tool called "Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor" which helps you to find out whether your PC is ready for Windows 7 or not. If you have an old computer and you are worried whether it'll support Windows 7 or not, you must use this tool before purchasing or installing Windows 7 in your system.

It scans your PC for potential compatibility issues and lets you know about your Windows 7 upgrade options. Within a few minutes, you'll get a detailed report that tells you if your PC meets the system requirements. If any known compatibility issues with your hardware, devices, and installed programs are found, it gives you guidance on what to do to before installing Windows 7 on your PC.

Before you install and run this tool, make sure to plug in and turn on any USB devices or other devices, such as printers, external hard disks, and scanners, that you regularly use with the PC you're checking so that it can perform the compatibility check on all your hardware devices.

You can download it using following link:

Download Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

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  • I have been trying to download the new windows 10 but nothing is happening. What is my problem? Is this offer real?

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