Is There Any Way to Enable True Aero Glass Transparency with Blur in Windows 8?

Whenever a new user starts using Windows 8 final version (RTM), the first thing he/she notices is the removal of Aero glass transparency. When you boot into Windows 8 Desktop and open a program window, you don't get any transparency in windows. This is one of the most frequently asked question about Windows 8, "Where is the transparency in Windows 8? How can I enable transparency in Windows 8?".


In previous Windows versions such as Windows Vista and Windows 7, if your graphics card was compatible, you used to get Aero glass transparency in windows but in Windows 8 even if your graphics card supports Aero theme, you don't get the transparency. Why?

Actually Microsoft has removed Aero glass transparency feature from Windows 8 just like the removal of Start Menu, Start button and various other stuff. It was done to improve system performance and reduce battery power usage.

So the question comes, can you enable Aero glass transparency in Windows 8? The answer is NO. Microsoft has removed the complete code of Aero glass transparency from Windows 8 source code so you can't get it back.

Many websites are posting about a few tricks to enable a buggy and unstable transparency in Windows 8 which is of no use. If you can remember we have already posted a video revealing this trick long time back at our YouTube channel. This trick involves a Registry tweak to modify "ColorizationGlassAttribute" setting of DWM engine. Check out following video showing the whole method:

Same thing can also be achieved by first applying a High contrast theme and then re-applying default Windows theme. Actually its a bug in Windows 8. You are not going to get Aero glass feature or transparency using this tweak. This trick forces Windows 8 to just draw window borders and everything else remains unchanged. So the transparency which you get using the above trick is not actually a transparency. Its just a blank space which is showing the background stuff. Also its unstable. As soon as you move the program window, it gets massed up.

So there is no built-in way or Registry tweak to get Aero glass transparency back in Windows 8 but there will be many 3rd party software available in coming days which will provide Aero glass transparency in Windows 8. Similar to freeware bringing back Start Menu and Start button in Windows 8 and freeware to customize Start Screen in Windows 8.

In the meantime you can try following freeware which were created to get Windows Vista and Windows 7 style Aero glass transparency in Windows XP but these freeware might also work in Windows 8 (not tested):

So if you want to enjoy Aero glass transparency in Windows 8, just wait until we get some software to bring the good old transparency back in Windows 8...

UPDATE: Please check following tutorial:

How to Enable True Aero Glass Transparency with Blur and Reflection in Windows 8?

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