Introducing Windows 8: Download Free Windows 8 e-book from Microsoft

Everyone knows about Microsoft's new OS "Windows 8" which comes with many new features, enhancements and UI updates. It comes with a brand new Start Screen which has replaced the good old Start Menu. It comes with Office 2013 style Ribbon UI in Windows Explorer. It comes with new hot corner feature which helps you in accessing system tools quickly and easily by moving the mouse cursor to screen corners.

There are so many new features in Windows 8 and its possible that you might have missed a few of them. Today we are going to share a free e-book released by Microsoft which will help you in learning all new features of Windows 8.


"Introducing Windows 8: An Overview for IT Professionals" is a free Windows 8 e-book from Microsoft press which provides detailed tutorials and instructions to find and use new features present in Windows 8.

Following are some areas covered by this e-book:

Above are only a few selected points which we noticed while checking the e-book. There are many other useful points given in this e-book which will definitely help you in using and tweaking Windows 8.

The e-book also tells you why should you use Windows 8 and why is it better than Windows 7 or other previous Windows OS? You'll also learn many keyboard shortcuts and methods to use the new Start Screen and other Metro UI features on a touch enabled device such as Tablet like a professional.

The e-book also contains information about new Windows Server 2012 so if you are using the Server edition, you should also give a try to this e-book.

You can download this free e-book using following link:

Download Free Windows 8 e-book from Microsoft

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