Internet Explorer + Firefox + Google Chrome + Safari = Lunascape

A frequently asked question! There are so many web browsers which one should we use? Which one is the best? Some people like Firefox but they have to use IE for some special websites which only support IE. For some people Google's Chrome is the best.

What to do? Wouldn't it be great if one browser can fulfill all requirements? Can't we get a single browser which can have all these web browsers in it?

"Lunascape" is world's first triple-engine web browser which contains all 3 main browser rendering engines:

  • Trident (IE)
  • Gecko (Mozilla Firefox)
  • WebKit (Google Chrome & Safari)

You can use different rendering engines for separate pages. So you'll have freedom to choose different browser for different pages.


When you start the browser for first time, it asks you which rendering engine do you want to use as default:


You can change it later from the icon present at left corner of statusbar or by right-click on the tab.

It also supports its own plug-ins as well as IE and Firefox plug-ins. You can also choose from various skins.

Its highly customizable and provides support for RSS, mouse gestures, etc.

You should definitely give it a try:

Download Lunascape


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