Internet Explorer 10 Allows to Switch Between IE5, IE7, IE8 and IE9 Rendering Modes

We all know that Microsoft has released a Platform Preview build of the upcoming version of Internet Explorer i.e. IE10.

Did you know that IE10 platform preview allows you to switch between IE5, IE7, IE8, IE9 and IE10 rendering modes?

Microsoft has introduced a new feature in IE10 preview build which allows you to force the rendering mode using Debug menu. You can use this feature using following simple steps:

1. Open IE10 platform preview and click on Debug menu.

2. Now you can select any desired rendering mode. Its called Document mode in IE10. Select any "Force IE Document Mode" option.


3. You can also use keyboard shortcut ALT+5, 7, 8, 9 and 0 to force IE5, IE7, IE8, IE9 and IE10 document modes respectively.

4. To reset document mode, simply select "Reset Document Mode to page default" option or press CTRL+ALT+0 keys.

5. Whatever document mode you select, its shown in Status bar.

Really nice feature for users as well as website developers to test their websites in different IE versions.


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  • I think because Microsoft don't want people to use IE6 anymore, they haven't even included it here!

  • Was hoping to see the lack of support for 7 or less. God, what is Microsoft doing? Going forward or backwards? This just makes testing even more of a pain. What uses IE5?

  • How do I switch back to Internet Explorer 9 from Internet Explorer 10? I downloaded Internet Explorer 10 yesterday, and it's not showing any of the internet pages. All it keeps saying is "This page cannot be displayed". My computer runs on Windows Ultimate 7 with 64-bit internet explorer. Can anyone help?

  • VG

    ^^ You can uninstall it from Programs and Features -> View installed updates.

  • Microsoft be Responsible and SHUT the USE-LESS IE version browser or Stop the development for browser as other browser companies doing good job!

  • The famous bug does not show in this mode. So be careful.

  • @VG: You should have mentioned that the platform preview is only available with Windows 8. Too bad for us Win7 developers.

  • Just come to the realization that I have the dreaded IE10 after days and probably weeks of frustration and using Firefox and chrome as IE had become inoperable. I cannot find any mention on my control panel of IE 10 or Windows Explorer ,etc.- nowhere to be seen- what now? I need IE8 to return.

  • All I know is Ive tried every tool and advice and I have the same messages about updates as all the others having UPDATE TRAUMA SIN-DROME.

  • I was having problems too- I had IE 8 which was workable but something made it buggy since last year (maybe some windows updates). I had tried IE9 but it was not any better. I started using Opera and Firefox. Then IE10 was updated to my machine automatically - I presume because of new Windows updates. Now IE was unusable completely. Opera was also unusable for the same reasons *it also updated recently*. I uninstalled Opera, despite being excellent and fast before its update, but now can't use it. I have been using Firefox (just youtube videos are sometimes choppy). In IE10 every page said cannot Webpage recover, not responding, and there was a iframe.dll error in the url bar and blank pages, and can't open up tabs. I uninstalled a Flash update file and now I can somewhat use IE 10 but something is making it excruciatingly slow- the scroll button and the back buttons are very slow to respond but eventually do and I have to wait 1 whole minute till I can begin to type in google search . Can't open up links from within a webpage. Please tell me what is stopping IE from working - I have Windows 7- 64 bit. (don't say virus because I am virus-free! and not to mention how many times I reset it in Tools/Internet Options!)
    For now I can't use Internet Explorer. Slow to respond in all aspects. Why doesn't Microsoft say what could be wrong in their help site? All I see is information on how to reset IE! :(

  • The developer mode is available pressing F12...or go to Tools---> F12 developer tools.

  • When did IE 10 automatically update? I was able to access my online banking on July 19, 2013 (now August 2). When I tried yesterday, I was not able to do anything. Typing this comment took me 12 clicks to even start typing the first letter of my "when. I appreciate the comment that the tricks only work on Windows 8. I have version 7. Is there any hope out there?

  • Just tried this. IE10 in IE9 modes does NOT render my sites pages as IE9 does. The things that looked good in IE9 but needed attention in IE10 looked exactly as they did in IE10's in IE9 mode. There's "" from MS but it looks like that's based on VMs that are "free" . . . oh yeah, but only for 90 days. Still looking for a good solution.

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