iCalcy: Download iPhone Look-Like Calculator for Windows

If you are an iPhone lover, then you'll definitely love this new portable calculator. "iCalcy" is a portable calculator for Windows which looks like iPhone.

It can perform all standard calculator operations. You can also rotate it into either portrait or landscape orientation, just like an iPhone.

All functions in portrait orientation are supported, including + - X and รท, as well as memory and sign capabilities.

As we earlier mentioned, iCalcy is a stand-alone application, so it doesn't need any installation and you can directly run it or carry on your USB drive.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

Thanks to JohnT for mentioning it...

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  • There ARE SCIENTIFIC FUNCTIONS SUPPORTED. Just look at their site you linked to vishal..

    The above comments are also false now, theres no nag window, and it doesn't stay open after quitting.

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