How to Use Windows 8 Developer Preview for One More Year?

When Microsoft released Windows 8 Developer Preview build to public, it was set to expire on March 11, 2012. So you were able to enjoy it for 6 months approx.

Now March 11, 2012 is coming and you'll need to uninstall Windows 8 Developer Preview and reinstall previous Windows editions or Windows 8 Consumer Preview which is going to release on Feb 29, 2012. Otherwise after the activation license expires, Windows 8 Developer Preview will periodically restart.

But what if you don't want to uninstall Windows 8 Developer Preview and want to keep it using for some more time as you have installed your favorite software programs and don't want to take the tension of installing them again?


Don't worry! Here is the solution. Microsoft has released a new update for Windows 8 Developer Preview which will extend the expiry date to January 15, 2013 so you'll get almost one extra year to enjoy Windows 8 DP build.

But before talking about the update, lets see what will happen when Windows 8 Developer Preview license expires:

You'll receive following message on the Activate Windows screen in Control Panel:

The license for this pre-released version of Windows has expired. You'll need to enter a new product key to activate Windows. Until you activate, Windows will restart every 1 hour, so you should back up your data.

Install the latest version of Windows.

You'll receive the following message on the Windows Activation screen:

This pre-release version of Windows has expired. Your computer will restart every 2 hours and you might lose any unsaved data.

You'll receive the following message on the Personalize pane in Control Panel:

You need to Activate Windows before you can personalize your PC.

Additionally, starting 14 days before the expiration date, you may receive the following notification on the desktop and in the Security section of Action Center:

This pre-release version of Windows will expire soon. Go to Windows Activation to purchase and install a released version of Windows.

So if you don't want to uninstall Windows 8 Developer Preview and want to use it for some more time, open Windows Update in Windows 8 Developer Preview and install the new update KB2671501 to extend the expiry period.

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  • Just being curious, will the restarting and such things work same on not-activated Windows 7?

  • VG

    ^^ Almost same. The system gets blocked and you cant log into Windows.

  • nice, one more year, but I don't think people will want it.
    I mean dev preview is a preview and buggy, and windows 8 is getting uglier by every new info I see from it.

  • gud, I more year...

  • Thanks for information. But bro who wants to carry a unstable OS on there back when a more stable option is available. A guy on MDL(canouna to be specific) has got his hand on costumer preview of Windows 8 and claimed that CP is much more stable than DP.

  • With beta being released on Feb 29th, I don't think anyone would want to use Dev. preview for 1 more year. We just don't know yet what's in store for Windows 8 till beta is released. I believe they acted on the feedback they got in their blog.

  • Will you be able to upgrade directly to the consumer beta build from the DP?

  • Consumer Preview is just around the corner, so I don't see why anyone would want to keep Developer Preview for one more year. Other than that, it's kinda odd that this was released by Microsoft.

  • Can't update WDP. Got this error
    WindowsUpdate_8024401C OR WindowsUpdate_dt000

    How to fix it? I want to extend "Evaluation Time" for compare WDP with WCP.

  • VG

    ^^ Not sure but you can try following command:

    regsvr32.exe wuaueng.dll

    Run it using Command Prompt as Administrator.

    Cant say atm but most probably no.

  • ^^ Worked now after changing internet connections, thanks

  • If i install that update, will the windows 8 DP change to CP? Or just still as a Developer Preview?

  • VG

    ^^ It'll be always Developer Preview until you manually upgrade it to Consumer Preview.

  • Kind of stressful and hectic using WDP when i can use activated Win7 for more hours without loosing any of my work

  • i dont find any update from my windows update. i tried to search for new updates many times but it finds only some web plugin. i need help and sorry for bad english cause im from finland

  • I have a Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation until now. Still don't have money to buy a license. Any registry hacks to extends the timer for about 3 hours. Please help VG!

  • VG

    ^^ You can try following:

    I have not checked those methods in Windows 8 but it might work.

  • Hello, I downloaded the beta a whole ago, now I get this message, can I go back to my old OS, without purchasing it again? or will I have to re-purchase the old one, or a new one?

  • VG

    ^^ Did you install Windows 8 Preview version over your previous Windows or did you install it in a different partition?

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