How to Uninstall / Remove Custom 3rd Party Themes in Windows?

We here at AskVG post lots of cool themes for Windows and other software regularly. Windows themes can be found in our exclusive Themes and Wallpapers section.

Many times people don't like a downloaded theme and they want to completely uninstall and remove the theme from their systems. Although its not a difficult task but many times people don't have an idea about how to do this?

We receive so many comments in theme articles and receive many emails asking the same question, how to uninstall the theme?

Actually many themes come with automatic installer like our SevenVG, AeroVG themes and the installer copies the theme files automatically so users don't know where are the theme files getting installed.

So today in this simple and easy to follow tutorial, we are going to tell you how to completely uninstall and remove a custom 3rd party theme from Windows:

1. First you should apply default Windows theme using Desktop Properties. Just right-click on Desktop and select Properties (Windows XP) or Personalize (Windows Vista and later) option. It'll open a new window where you can apply default theme.

Now you'll get default look-n-feel in your Windows but if you also want to permanently remove the theme from your system, you'll also need to delete the theme files.

2. Open My Computer and go to following folder:


Note: Here C: is your system drive where Windows is installed in your computer system. If Windows is installed in any other drive in your system, replace C: with the correct drive letter.

Alternatively, you can also type following in RUN or Start Menu search box and press Enter:


It'll open the same folder directly.

3. Now look for a folder and .theme file having the name of the theme which you downloaded. For example, if you installed our AeroVG Se7en theme in Windows 7, you'll get a folder "AeroVG Se7en RTM" and a file "AeroVG Se7en RTM.theme" in Themes folder.

Select the folder and .theme file and delete them.


NOTE: If you face permission problem while deleting files, you'll need to take ownership of theme's file and folder using following tutorial:

You can also try to restart your system and you'll be able to delete theme's file and folder.

4. That's it. After deleting them, you'll get rid of the 3rd party theme completely and it'll not appear in Desktop Properties window.

We hope it'll help people in easily uninstalling custom themes in Windows...

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  • so we don't need to restore it?

  • thanks,, , nice share.

  • Hi VG, is there any way to remove the default theme of win 7.

  • VG

    ^^ If you are talking about Aero theme, you can replace it with any of your desired 3rd party theme. Just give that theme the same name. But in future if Windows overwrites dll files which you patched to allow 3rd party theme, you'll get a messy UI.

  • It worked! I uninstalled all the incompatible themes on my computer.

  • i cant delete it it seys i do not have you need permmission to perform this action

  • now i cant delet it it seys its in use

  • VG

    ^^ Apply a different theme and restart your computer. After restart you'll be able to delete theme files.

  • Im using windows 7..
    but even after uninstalling and deleting the theme files(Glass skin pack) from the system, the icons and boot screen remain to be the same!!
    how to recover my default windows 7 theme?

  • @VG

    please give me sme suggestions of how to restore the old icons and boot screen of my system tat runs on Windows7!!

  • VG

    ^^ You can use sfc command as mentioned in method 4 of following tutorial:

  • my wont work! I have downloaded the windows 8 theme for my windows 7 and still the windows 8 start icon i buttom left corner appears and some other features like the navi' buttons.....!!! how do i get rid of them. please help me

  • it says i dont have permission

  • Worked :) Thanks

  • I had installed a theme pack and i can't uninstall it any way

  • followed the procedure for uninstalling my theme but its telling that i require permission from trusted installer please help me out

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:

  • I accidentally installed a windows7 theme in my windows 8 laptop and now I can't access anything after I log in. Its only thethe mouse that is visible and the screen is black
    . how can I undo this? Thank you

  • VG

    ^^ Once you start your laptop, it'll show recovery screen where you can use System Restore to restore the machine at an earlier working state. Otherwise you'll need to repair Windows using setup disc.

  • sir i deleted all the themes, leaving the aero theme only. but the orb button is still not changed, the logging of window, the logging on window, and the welcoming theme. its red alienware skin pack

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:

  • thank you very much for ur kind full information.this helped me a lot

  • In my window 8 os install windows 7 skin pack install because log in my windows 8 i con't anything cursor only visible the screen is black how can i undo this

  • VG

    ^^ Try following:

  • Holy cow, talk about verbosity. Thanks for the info, but do you get paid by the word? :

       ① Go to %SystemRoot%\Resources\Themes
       ② Delete the ".theme" file in question and its associated folder

    This issue should really be one point in an article with many such tips, not an entire article in and of itself.

  • ^^ Do you have any problem? If yes then why don't you ignore this article? I found this article very useful because I am not very expert in using these customized themes. Sometimes detailed instructions are good for people.

  • thank you friend for your help.

  • i had downloaded the fire pack service theme .and i had uninstalled it but the icons are not replaced by the default icons(yellow color) even i am changing the icons to default it is not changing....please can someone responds to it early and leave a response..

  • VG

    ^^ Check following tutorial:

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