How to Type and Use New Symbol of Indian Currency “Rupee” in Programs?

Indian government has finally announced a new official symbol for Indian currency "Rupee" which looks as following:


The problem is that you can't type and use this new symbol as no ASCII code has been assigned to the new symbol yet.

So what to do? How to use this new symbol in your documents?

The solution is very simple. There are 2 ways to type and use Rupee symbol in any program:

  • METHOD 1: By Installing Required Font
  • METHOD 2: By Installing Microsoft Update

METHOD 1: By Installing Required Font

A special font "Rupee Foradian" is available for download which allows you to easily type the Rupee symbol using keyboard.

Following are simple steps to follow:

1. Download the required font using following link:

Download Rupee Foradian Font

2. Extract the file using 7-Zip or WinRAR and you'll get the required font's .ttf file. Right-click on the font file and select "Install" option, it'll automatically install the font in your system.

Alternatively you can copy the font's TTF file to your Fonts directory.

3. Now open your desired application like MS Word to type the Rupee symbol. Select "Rupee Foradian" font from the font list:


4. That's it. Now you just need to press "Tild" (~) key which is placed just before the "1" key or above the "Tab" key and it'll insert the Rupee symbol in your document:


Thanks to our reader "Abhilash" for sharing the font...

METHOD 2: By Installing Microsoft Update

Microsoft has also released an update to support this new currency symbol for the Indian Rupee in Windows Vista, Server 2008, 7 and Server 2008 R2.

This update installs updated versions of following fonts:

  • Microsoft Sans Serif
  • Times New Roman
  • Arial
  • Segoe
  • Tahoma

This update also includes font support, locale changes, and keyboard support. You can download the update using following links:

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To type the rupee symbol, type 20B9 and then hold down the ALT key and press X key. (Supported by OneNote, Outlook WordMail and Word.)

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  • Hi
    i may have a problem during working in MS-Exel. when i m type some number or amount in any cell while selecting the Rupi Foradian font, it doesn't come rupi sign with the figure automatically. why it does not happen?
    I am using Office 2007

  • VG

    ^^ It'll not automatically insert the rupee symbol or convert cell type to rupee. You'll need to press "Tild" (~) key to type rupee symbol.

  • Hi
    I may have a problem when working on the excel or office we are using the keyboard use of this sombol also not working on windows 2007 OS..

  • Actually everything was okay. But system is not accepted the installation. It is showing access is denied. that means what and how to rectify this problem

  • I downloaded and installed the Microsoft Update for Windows 7 from the above link and it is working... Thaks a lot!

  • What is the correct way to USE the rupee symbol. Do you leave a space after the symbol. In other words is is ₹500 or ₹ 500?

  • Thanks,though I downloaded the rupee symbol.but don't know it's not working in my Windows 7.Anyways The sign of Rupee has come like this after formatting the cell into currency रु 156.
    "Tild" (~) Key does not help to get the symbol.

  • I Install fonts. and its working but when i enter first time tild key i it is not showing Rupee Symbol. if i enter twice it is showing twice. my OS is Windows 8. can u help me to resolve this problem.


  • I want to know that, is Rupee Foradian font opensource or not?

  • I Installed this fonts and it is shown in the drop list of fonts . But not working when i enter "~" key. It is not showing Rupee Symbol. My OS is Windows XP. Please help me to resolve this problem.

  • Dear Friends,

    Many E-Mailing Portals namely does not have any Fonts Window. Even though I have install Rupee Fordian in my system, yet I cannot type Rupee Symbol on such platforms where there is no Fonts Window.

  • thanx admin/author of this superb article !!!!!!!!!!!!! ----------------- I tried the first Method & 'Rupee Foradian' Font has INDEED got added to my MS Word

    I have a question though ---------------------- is there any technique to use that symbol on Facebook ????? on copying from ny Word file, this symbol ` is appearing

  • Was the Rupee Foradian font published as a final solution or it was only a temporary, intermediate alternate provided by Foradian Technologies. Also would like to know how actual ₹ sign. placed at (Hex) 20B9 or (Dec) 8377 by UNICODE consortium, can be used. The ₹ start looking back as Grave (`) when read on Smart Mobile Phones. Is there any final resort?

  • I have installed rupee fordian. I do get the rupee symbol by pressing the ~ key. But now my query is if i want to change the document font to times new roman, My document get changed to Times new roman but my rupee symbol goes and this ` appears.

    How can that be rectified. Retaining the Rupee symbol we should be able to change the font of the note only.

    Is is possible or whenever we want any document with the rupee font, we need to use rupee fordian font only.

    Help required.

  • how can i apply this option in pagemaker when this option will not support in pagemaker 6.5

  • pls help me SUM in Excel using Indian Rupee symbol

  • thanks a lot guys for this help.
    again thanks for your contribution

  • How to use Indian Rupees symbol in Excel 2007

  • I want to change in regional setting the new Rupee sing as default setting, can any body help me?

  • Sir,
    I may have a problem during working in MS-Exel. when I am type some number or amount in any cell while selecting the Rupi Foradian font, it doesn't come rupi sign with the figure automatically. why it does not happen?
    I am using Office 2007

  • I surprize after using Indian Rupees Symbole. very Nice Thanks for guide line.

  • Simply press Alt+8377 (From numeric keypad) and you're done.
    Hope it helps..... :) :)

  • I am having problem in inserting Indian Currency Symbol in excel & word. Also having problem in converting numeric value in words.

  • After installation this font, I can insert rupee symbol in MS Word, but can not do in Excel. Why?

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