How to Turn Caret Browsing On or Off in Mozilla Firefox?

"Caret Browsing" is a feature of Firefox which allows you to navigate a page just like a document in MS Word or any other word processing application. You can move the cursor between lines using arrow keys and can select the text or click on any link using your keyboard.

This feature can be turned on using "F7" key. When you press "F7" key, Firefox shows following dialog box:


Click on "Yes" and Caret Browsing will be turned On.

If you want to turn it off, then press "F7" again and click on "No" button.

You can also enable or disable this feature using Options window. Check out following tutorial for more details:

How to Fix Arrow Keys Navigation Problem in Mozilla Firefox?

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  • I minimized the window then maximized it and it went back to normal.

  • That is not how you do it on a laptop, pressing f7 just turns the touchpad off.

  • VG

    ^^ Its happening to you due to built-in Function key of your laptop. You'll need to press Fn key along with F7 to perform default Windows behavior. Many laptops contain an option to disable this Fn key behavior in BIOS settings.

  • Ok thanks....

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