How to Stop Windows Live Mail from Blocking Unsupported File Types in Attachments

If you use Windows Live Mail to send/receive emails, you might be aware of its attachment blocking feature. It doesn't allow to send/receive some pre-defined file types as attachments. A few of them are as following:


Above are a few frequently used file types which are blocked by Windows Live Mail. Whenever you try to send a mail containing any of these file types, the mail is not delivered. Also if you receive a mail containing any of these file types, Windows Live Mail blocks the file and shows following message at top:


You can't download the file as all options are disabled. If you want to fix this problem and want to disable this blocking feature, then follow these simple steps:

1. Press "ALT" key to show Menubar in Windows Live Mail and go to "Tools -> Safety options...".

PS: If you are using wave 4 (2011) or later version of Windows Live Mail which comes with Ribbon UI, you need to click on File -> Options -> Safety options.

2. Now go to "Security" tab and uncheck the option "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus."


Apply it and you have done.

Now Windows Live Mail will no longer block any attachment and you'll be able to send/receive any kind of file types in mails.

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  • Alan I have changed that option in security and it has had no effect. I still cannot download emails with attachments.

  • Same here :( Been like this for weeks now. Was working fine until then.

  • Same here. Mine was unchecked to begin with. This is very frustrating!!!!

  • Is there any way that I can re-activate the files that Windows Live Mail has de-activated?

  • Windows block any picture content from certain sites it also blocks emails and calls them phishing from twitter and my son at msn. Why I have gone to not junk mail add to safe sender, add to safe domain and it has absolutely not effect how can it be stopped

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try to add particular email ID to Safe sender list?

  • I have recently received several emails through Windows Live Mail with enclosures that have been blocked and, except for two instances, I know who the emails and their enclosures were from and they have been as I might have expected. The "Do not allow .. " section in WLM is unchecked and always has been so I can't see why any of the enclosures have been blocked. I only mark senders as safe when asked if I want to do so in respect of commercial firms who I might expect to contact me. However in the case of the first two enclosures to be blocked the senders said they had not written to me at that time. I would not now like to mark any of my contacts on my address list as safe senders as the two I have mentioned would have got through. Since then I have had several more enclosures blocked in Windows Live Mail, but I have still been able to open them in Sky mail and they are what I would have expected from the senders. I would like the situation with regard to WLM to be resolved so that legitimate emails are not blocked in future. In the past I have often only been warned about suspicious emails which have been sent to the junk folder, but these have appeared to be harmless and deleted. I am sure I have not seen any notice about changes to the system. or similar warnings

  • Superb, worked fine for me.


  • I have unchecked "block images"in Windows Live Mail 2012 but still cannot get any images and all my emails are in plain text.HTML has vanished.

  • VG

    ^^ There is an option in WLM settings to always view emails in plain text. Uncheck that option.

  • Although I have been sending jpeg attachments for years, suddenly I was blocked by Live Mail. I followed the repair suggested, and it worked a treat.

  • Thank you. I can now read my PDF files once more

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