How to Show Tabs Below Orange Button When Mozilla Firefox is Maximized?

When we maximize Mozilla Firefox window, the tabs are shown in titlebar near the orange button. If we restore the browser window, the tabs are shown below orange button.

If you always want to show the tabs below orange button even if the browser window is maximized, this tutorial will help you.

This tutorial will tell you how to show tabs below orange button when Firefox window is maximized. You just need to follow these simple steps:

1. Open Firefox and type about:config in the addressbar and press Enter. It'll confirm, click on I'll be careful, I promise! button.

2. Now type titlebar in the Filter box and look for following boolean key:


3. The entry "browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar" would be set to true. Double-click on it or right-click on it and select "Toggle". It'll set its value to false.


4. That's it. It'll immediately move the tabs below orange button as shown in above screenshot.

PS: If you want the opposite and want to show the tabs always in titlebar even if Firefox window is not maximized, then check following article:

How to Show Tabs Always in Titlebar When Mozilla Firefox is not Maximized?

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