How to Show Tabs Always in Titlebar When Mozilla Firefox is not Maximized?

Mozilla Firefox newer versions show Tabs in titlebar to save space on screen. But these tabs are shown in titlebar only when you maximize Firefox window. If you restore the window, the tabs are shown below the orange Firefox button.

Today we are going to share an excellent extension "Tabs Always In Titlebar" for Firefox users which sets Firefox to always show tabs in titlebar no matter if the window is maximized or not.


As you can see in the above screenshot, the tabs are showing in titlebar even if Firefox is not maximized.

You can download the add-on using following link:

Download Tabs Always In Titlebar Extension

The add-on has been tested with Aero and Aero Basic themes. It should also support custom Windows themes as well as custom DPI settings.

You can also change value of "extensions.tabsalwaysintitlebar.offset" in about:config to adjust tabs distance from top. Increase this to move the tabs closer to the top, use negatives to move them down.

PS: Interesting users can also check following userscript to get the same effect:

Download Userscript to Get Tabs Always in Titlebar

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