How to Restore / Reinstall All Uninstalled Desktop Gadgets in Windows Vista and 7

We all know that we can uninstall a Desktop gadget in Windows Vista or 7 by opening Desktop Gadget window, right click on any desired gadget and select "Uninstall" option.

But once we have uninstalled a gadget, we can't reinstall it. Windows doesn't provide any option to restore the uninstalled gadgets.

In this tutorial, we'll tell you a very simple and easy to use command to restore all Desktop gadgets which have been uninstalled:

1. Click on Start ORB (Start button) and type Restore gadget in search box. It'll show Restore desktop gadgets installed with Windows entry in search results.

2. Click on the entry or simply press Enter and it'll restore all uninstalled Desktop gadgets and will open Desktop Gadgets window with a message showing "All Windows and administrator installed gadgets have been restored." at top.

Simple. Isn't it?


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  • Thank you! thank you! thank you! A million times Thank you~

  • if it provide thats there were no windows or administrator gadgets to restore so what we will do ?

  • My gadgets are suddenly gone.

    When i click "Restore desktop gadgets installed with Windows" nothing happen.

  • pretty useful tips. im running windows 8 though but my friends will definitely use this one.

  • If Gadgets create a security vulnerability as Microsoft says, why would we want to re-install them?

  • My gadgets show up the clock will not appear on the desktop. This stopped working and will not go back to the desktop. All help will be appreciated

  • My gadgets are suddenly gone.

    When I click "Restore desktop gadgets installed with Windows" nothing happen.

  • VG

    ^^ You should try method 4:

  • Thanks a lot, I am very much obliged to you.

  • I am trying to reinstall the clock and calendar gadgets. You make it sound so simple but I am unable to do it. When I type "restore gadget" in the search box, I do NOT see "restore desktop gadgets installed with windows." I have Windows Vista. I rely a lot on the clock and miss it!!

  • I typed "restore gadget" in the search box. I must have skipped a step after this because "restore desktop gadgets installed with Windows" did not appear. I have Vista operating system. PLEASE walk me through every step so I can get my clock (and calendar) back. I really do miss my clock!!

  • VG

    ^^ Try to copy the complete string of command from the above post and paste in search box.

  • followed instructions on how to restore desktop gadgets and a message said it had been done but it hasn't. What do I do now

  • this is about the 10th thing I have tried, and it did nothing at all just like the 9!!!

  • I have the same problem as others, it did not work.
    Have any other suggestion?

  • I tried to follow the above directions but it didn't work
    I clicked on the "start button and in the search box I typed "Restore gadget" and the text string above claimed is supposed to show up, did NOT show up. Thanks anyway -I'll keep searcing to find out how to put my clock back. M.S.

  • My gadgets have not been restored yet Please help


  • No - not simple - gadgets still not restored!

  • my gadget application not fount on my desktop. when i select gadget from right click, it "shows application not fount" I have tried lots of methods from tutorials to recover it but no way. Please help me for a solution.

    Thank You


  • Doesn't work. Just sits there and no program is activated. Windows 7. hollidayp1 160927

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