How to Restore “Close Multiple Tabs” Warning Message (Confirmation Prompt) in Mozilla Firefox?

If you use Mozilla Firefox web browser, you might have noticed that if you open more than one tab and click on Close button, the browser shows a warning message box telling you that you are going to close multiple tabs and asks for your confirmation as shown in following screenshot:


If you look carefully, the message box also contains a checkbox "Warn me when I attempt to close multiple tabs". If you accidentally or intentionally disabled the checkbox and clicked on Close tabs button, the browser will not show the warning message next time you try to close multiple tabs and will immediately close the window.

Now the question comes how to restore the warning message and confirmation prompt so that you don't lose your running tabs if you accidentally click on Close button in future?

Here comes the solution! Firefox provides a simple option in its Preferences window to restore this confirmation prompt. You can use following easy steps to restore the warning message in Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click on Firefox Menu button and select Options. Alternatively, you can press ALT key to temporary show menubar and then select Tools -> Options.

2. It'll open Firefox Options window. Now go to "Tabs" tab and enable "Warn me when closing multiple tabs" option:


3. That's it. Click on OK button and it'll restore the warning message and confirmation prompt in Firefox.

Simple. Isn't it? Did you also face this problem in past? How did you manage to restore the message box? Please share your experience in your comment...


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  • Ty you so much, couldn't find help else where! Clicked it once, and now I want the warning back, since I accidentally click X all the time

  • There is no firefox orange button on the screen to click.

  • VG

    ^^ You need to open Options from Firefox menu.

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