How to Restore All Configuration Settings of Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) to Default Using Command Line

If you are a "Microsoft Security Essentials" user and want to restore all settings to default, here is a simple and easy solution for you.

Surprisingly MSE doesn't provide any option to restore default settings in its configuration window.

In this topic, we'll tell you how to restore all configuration settings of MSE to default using a built-in MSE command.


=> Simply provide following command in Command Prompt or Start Menu Search box or Run dialog box:

"%programfiles%\Microsoft Security Essentials\MpCmdRun.exe" RestoreDefaults

It'll open a Command Prompt window and will close it immediately.

Now you can check MSE configuration settings and all settings would be restored to default.

You can also create a shortcut for the command and place it on Desktop or Quick launch toolbar or pin it to Windows 7 Taskbar.

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Posted in: Troubleshooting

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  • Hi guys,on Restore and Backup there is a Reset to factory setting button,if i press it will my windows 7 Os be deleted or it will only reset the laptop's settings?

  • VG

    ^^ I'm not sure which option you are talking about but most probably it'll restore all default settings.

  • The path it control panel-back up&Restore-Select system settings or your computer-Advanced recovery methods-Return your computer to factory condition(This option will delete everything on your computer and replace it with a recovery image provided by your computer manufacture etc)

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