How to Reset Master Password in Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox allows you to set a Master password to protect your locally stored usernames, passwords and certificates. Its an extra security mechanism and can protect your sensitive data.

But what will you do if you forget the master password? In that case, following simple steps will help you in resetting it. But remember resetting master password will also remove all locally saved usernames, passwords and certificates.

1. Open Mozilla Firefox and enter following URL in addressbar:


2. It'll show you a page with a warning that all stored data will be removed and "Reset" button at bottom.


3. Click on "Reset" button and it'll immediately reset the master password.

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Posted in: Mozilla Firefox, Troubleshooting

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  • It would be nice if i could find out how to find forgotten master password

  • @doug
    This would be a security issue.

  • Hello, I am able to get to the reset page, but when i click reset nothing happens.... If i click cancel, it cancels... Any advise?

  • Okay it is reset, but to what? I reset firefox, it added a password which I never used, so thus never knew, and now when I reset it asks me for the password... circular logic? What a pain.

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