How to Replace PowerShell Shortcut with Command Prompt in “Win+X” Menu of Windows 8.1?

Here is another small tip for Windows 8.1 users! As we know Microsoft has added power options in Windows 8.1's "Win+X" menu to make Windows users life easier. They have also added shortcut to "Network Connections" in "Win+X" menu which is also a welcomed change.

But Microsoft has changed one more thing in "Win+X" menu of Windows 8.1. They have replaced Command Prompt shortcut with Windows PowerShell which is not a good decision in my opinion.


Command Prompt is widely known by Windows users compared to PowerShell and there are very few users who use PowerShell. That's why many Windows 8.1 users are asking how to restore Command Prompt shortcut in "Win+X" menu of Windows 8.1?

Don't worry! Here is the solution. Microsoft has provided a simple way to replace PowerShell shortcut with Command Prompt shortcut in "Win+X" menu. So if you also want to bring back Command Prompt shortcut in Windows 8.1's "Win+X" menu, check out following steps:

1. Right-click on Taskbar and select Properties option.

2. It'll open Taskbar and Navigation properties window.

3. Go to "Navigation" tab and uncheck "Replace Command Prompt with Windows PowerShell in the menu when I right-click the lower-left corner or press Windows key+X" option present in "Corner navigation" section.


4. Apply the changes and it'll immediately replace Windows PowerShell shortcut with Command Prompt in "Win+X" menu.

I hope Microsoft will change the decision and will put Command Prompt shortcut as default in final version of Windows 8.1.

NOTE: If you want to make these changes using Registry Editor, check out following tutorial:

Registry Tweaks to Customize Taskbar Navigation and Start Screen Settings in Windows 8.1


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  • So basically what is the difference between Command Prompt and Windows Powershell??

  • VG

    ^^ PowerShell is more advanced than Command Prompt. You should check out following links to know more about it:

  • Microsoft is doing what they think people should like, but doesn't care about real interests. They want us to adapt to their changes. It's not a good decision. This is why many people still use Windows 7.

  • @zydrius32

    Microsoft is doing what they believe is best for them and their business. Whether you like it or not, you'll adapt to their changes. People have a natural tendency to resist change, but think of where we would be today if people hadn't pushed for it?

    The Windows 8.1 preview forced me to use PowerShell by slapping it in my face. Prior to this I had seen it, but never really used it. Thanks to that I've learned a lot more about PowerShell and .NET and that's not at all a bad thing.

    Many people still use Windows 7 because:

    A) Most end users aren't savvy enough to understand how or why to upgrade, or even that an upgrade exists.
    B) Most businesses skipped Windows Vista and invested heavily in upgrading to Windows 7. It would be too costly to re-do their infrastructure by upgrading to Windows 8. Chances are the benefits do not outweigh the cost.
    C) Hating Microsoft and everything they make has been the #1 most popular internet meme since Vista, and very popular since pretty much ever.

    Besides, this is Windows. If it really bugs you that much then google "i hate M$ because " and you're almost 100% guaranteed to find a workaround.

    The truth is that Windows 8 was an excellent business decision. Merging the mobile platform with the desktop and enterprise experience is a great way for MS to flex their muscle to get back in the mobile game. Besides, Windows 8 is built on the robust Windows 7 base with tons of improvements.

    8.1 makes navigation even easier! I mean, Microsoft even added the Windows flag back to the "start button" to appease individuals who can't stand the fact that the graphic is gone, even if the functionality is still 100% the same!!! Yet, here we are still saying that M$ doesn't listen to customers...

  • kriz225
    "Yet, here we are still saying that M$ doesn't listen to customers..."

    Huh? Customers asked for a Start Menu, not for a Start Button. Users which got used to Windows 8 didn't want the Start Button back.

  • @zydrius32,

    "Customers asked for a Start Menu, not for a Start Button. Users which got used to Windows 8 didn't want the Start Button back."

    not exactly. i know a few guys [from another website] who used windows 8, knows how to use it, got used to it, and still asked for the Start Button/Menu back.

  • My computers upgraded during the night, and now all of my apps are in a folder on my desktop. How do I get them back on my desktop?

  • VG

    ^^ You can cut the shortcuts from that folder and paste on Desktop. Or just drag-n-drop them on Desktop.

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