How to Remove Windows Vista Startup ORB Animation (aka Pearl Animation)?

NOTE: A few people have faced booting problem after applying this tweak. So please use it at your own risk. It worked fine at our end.

Windows Vista shows a nice ORB animation aka Pearl animation just before the Welcome screen. It looks like following image:


Microsoft removed this animation from Windows 7 as it takes a few seconds to show the animation.

If you are using Windows Vista and want to remove the startup ORB animation, this article will help you.

The ORB animation is shown using a system file "authui.dll" which is present in "%windir%\System32" folder. This file contains all resources needed for the animation.

PacMani @ DA has patched "authui.dll" file to remove the animation. You just need to download following ZIP file, extract it and run "Patch System Files.bat" file.

Download Link

UPDATE: It seems the file has been removed by the developer.

It'll replace the existing "authui.dll" file with a patched one and you'll no longer see the ORB animation just like Windows 7.

If you want to restore the animation in future, simply run "Restore System Files.bat" file.

PS: It only works for Windows Vista 32-bit editions.

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