[Fix] How to Remove “Windows has Blocked Some Startup Programs” Notification Message in Windows Vista?

Many times Windows Vista users face an annoying problem. Whenever they start their computer system and log into Windows, they get following error message in form of a balloon popup in system notification area:

Windows has blocked some startup programs
Windows blocks programs that require permission to run when Windows starts. Click to view blocked programs.

If you are also getting this message and want to get rid of it, this tutorial is for you.

Actually it happens when a program or service contains User Account Control (UAC) restrictions and it tries to start automatically in Windows Vista. The built-in anti-malware tool Windows Defender detects the program and its "Software Explorer" component blocks it from running and you get the error message:

To get rid of this notification, you can enable or disable the program or service using following steps:

1. Click on the "Blocked startup programs" icon present in system tray or notification area.

2. To allow the program, click on "Run blocked program" option and click on the program or service in the list.


3. To disallow the program, click on "Show or remove blocked startup programs" option, it'll open "Software Explorer" in "Windows Defender" window. Now locate and select the startup program or service which you disabled recently, click on "Disable" and then click on "Yes" in the confirmation dialog box.

That's it. It'll disable the notification message and you'll never get it again in Windows Vista.


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  • I have bought an old p.c. just to play Mame and old p.c. games, I've been clear with the swindler that sold it to me that I needed a permanent thing instead he put an evaluation xp that expired in a month and all the system is blocked, the only function I can do is going on line and buy the O.S. from Microsoft.

    Do exist any chance to uninstall the xp and have the p.c free to install any other O.S.?How is the way to remove that pesky xp?

    Thank you for your help I hope there's a chance to fix it, because will be a pity throw to the garbage a computer that works so good with emulators just because Microsoft wants money every 5 minutes

  • VG

    ^^ You can boot using Windows setup disc and then you can install new Windows OS.

  • That's no use! If something is running as a start up program, it may be because you want it to run at startup, and the last thing you want to do is disable it. So how do you get Windows to *not* block it at start up?

  • I wish someone who knew what they were talking about would tell how to get rid of this annoying, recurring message.

  • When I click or right-click on the icon, it just goes away until the next time I reboot. I'm using Vista on a 7-year old HP Pavilion laptop.

  • I love this functionality; it makes me feel safe. I am not sure why it was removed from subsequent versions of Windows.

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