How to Remove “Windows Experience Index Rating” Link from Windows 7 System Properties?

This is the 4th tutorial of our "Customizing Windows 7 System Properties" series. We have told you how to change or remove Windows logo and Activation logo and links from System Properties and now its turn of WEI score link.

Microsoft introduced WEI (Windows Experience Index) rating in Windows Vista which calculates and rates your computer system based on the hardware you have in your computer. This rating score is displayed in System Properties window as shown in following screenshot:


In this tutorial, we'll tell you how to remove "Windows Experience Index" rating link from Windows 7 System Properties. We have tested this method in Windows 7 only but it should also work in Windows Vista and Windows 8.

1. First go to "%windir%\System32\" folder and copy systemcpl.dll file to some other location for example Desktop.

Here %windir% represents "Windows" directory which can be found in the system drive where Windows is installed. In most of the cases its C:\Windows.

2. Now open the new file in Resource Hacker and go to following key:

UIFILE -> 1001

3. In right-side pane, you'll need to delete lines 158 to 170 to remove Windows Experience Index rating link:

<element id="atom(RatingInfo)" layoutpos="top" layout="rowlayout(171)" padding="rect(0rp,0rp,0rp,7rp)">
<element content="resstr(1543)" width="150rp"/>
<element layout="borderlayout()">
<element id="atom(RatingImage)" margin="rect(0rp,0rp,3rp,0rp)" layoutpos="none" content="" accessible="true" accrole="graphic" accname="resstr(304)"/>
<element id="atom(RatingInformation)" contentalign="middleleft" layout="borderlayout()" layoutpos="client">
<element layout="flowlayout(0,2)" layoutpos="left" accessible="false">
<NavigateButton layoutpos="left" layout="borderlayout()" navigationtargetroot="Microsoft.PerformanceInformationAndTools">
<button id="atom(RatingText)" active="mouse|keyboard" layoutpos="left" content="resstr(1544)"/>


4. After deleting the lines, click on "Compile Script" button.

5. That's it. Now save the file.

6. Now we'll need to replace original systemcpl.dll file present in "C:\Windows\System32\" folder with our new systemcpl.dll file which we saved at Desktop or some other location.

7 a. First take ownership of "C:\Windows\System32\systemcpl.dll" file using following tutorial:

Add Take Ownership Option in File / Folder Context Menu in Windows Vista and 7

7 b. Now rename it to "systemcpl_backup.dll" or any other name.

7 c. Now copy your new modified "systemcpl.dll" file from Desktop to "System32" folder.

8. That's it. Now check System Properties again and it'll no longer show Windows Experience Index rating score and link. No need to restart or log off.

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  • How about removing these: (All inside that red box)

  • Excellent stuff once again VG, much appreciated. I noticed changing layoutpos="right" to layoutpos="none" in the line: ,got rid of the tiny blue annoying questionmark (Help) icon in the top right corner. Now everything is nice and clean. =)

  • VG

    ^^ Thanks. ;)

    It should be between line 217-249. The code is easy to understand because each line contains element id which provides clear idea of the associated System Properties item.

  • Got rid of everything like "TheAslan" suggested in his picture, EXCEPT the "Pen and touch: No pen or touch input is available for this display"-part..I need VG wisdom and guidance =)

  • Nevermind, I found it. And a few other things as well =) Now it´s very minimal. PERFECT.

  • Can you give a readymade file for this?

  • @Vishal, Nice specs for a laptop corei7. So which graphics card you have installed on your system?

  • Here´s what I ended up with

  • VG

    ^^ Nice.

    Thanks. Its nVidia GeForce GT 435M.

    I replied the same question in the other thread. ;)

  • Ya,actually I saw that page later that's why I posted here first.Anyway thanks for this mindbogling tweak.

  • *Updated, even cleaner now. But I have one small thing I need help with. I can´t figure out how to put "Service Pack 1" on the same row after "Windows 7 Ultimate"..Come on VG, make it happen! =)

  • VG

    ^^ You can remove Service pack line from systemcpl.dll and then replace Windows 7 edition string in C:\Windows\Branding\Basebrd\en-US\basebrd.dll.mui file with Windows 7 edition and service pack number. For example if you are using Windows 7 Ultimate, replace Windows 7 Ultimate string in basebrd.dll.mui file with Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1.

  • Thanks a lot =) Are you sure it´s not possible by editing systemcpl.dll too? I was kinda hoping it would be, since I´m sharing it on DeviantArt. Easier for people to just replace one file hehe. But a BIIIIG thank you again for your help and inspiration.

  • @TheAslan How did you make the windows black? Is it a theme?

  • why would i want to remove this.? is there a performance problem ? thks

  • did not work for me. 64 bit win7. dont know why but the next time i rebooted it gave me a black screen after logging on to windows. tried doing it again thought maybe i made a mistake somewhere but same result. it worked though for most people so i know im doing something wrong. if anyone had this same result but later got it to work anyway. kindly post what it was that u changed in order for it to work. i appreciate it thanks and thanks as well VG

  • VG

    ^^ Strange. I also have 64-bit system and it works fine. Make sure you are not directly editing the default file. First copy it somewhere else and then edit it and save it directly. Check following:

  • may i know where is the line to remove the Pen and touch?
    i cant find it

  • oh... found it. to those who are still looking


    Does anyone found a way to remove "Pen and Touch" category? I removed all unescarry things except this.


    ^^ Check out systemcpl.dll.mui file in "System32\en-US\" folder.

  • I did this,and the thing says "The page failed to load" lol.I prefer this.(no sarcasm intended).Also do anyone know how to remove the WEI completely?Maybe the cpl file?

  • VG Is 5.9 is your real base rating or you tweaked it using Windows Experience Index Rating Changer. I have got base rating 5.4 for RAM (3 GB) in Windows 7 64 bit and 5.1 in windows 8.1 Preview 32 bit.

  • VG

    ^^ Its real, no tweaking.

  • I had to reinstall my OS & I've been able to change a few things, but can anyone take a look at the picture in this link ( & tell me if & how I can remove the items in RED?

    Also explain to me which lines to replace to get the words Windows 7 Professional & Service Pack 1 on the same line?

  • Hey the line nos. will differ in different types of windows, one must first look at the text contains within the lines and the remove them and also do create a backup file for use.

  • Working properly, it reminds me a tip. we can do the opposite that is to say the inverse (insert lines of code in System.cpl) to redisplay the performance index in Windows 10 to be precise. Thank you, thank you If so how VG :-)

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