How to Remove Useless “Bookmarks” Button from Bookmarks Toolbar in Mozilla Firefox?

NOTE: This topic is all about removing large "Bookmarks" button from "Bookmarks Toolbar". We are not talking about removing tiny Bookmarks button from Navigation Toolbar.

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, you might have faced this annoying issue. If we don't enable "Bookmarks Toolbar", Firefox shows a "Display your bookmarks" button at the end of standard Navigation Toolbar which contains a few options to help you in showing bookmarks toolbar, bookmark a page, etc.

That's fine but if we enable "Bookmarks Toolbar", the small button gets replaced by a big "Bookmarks" button which is shown at the end of Bookmarks Toolbar as shown in following screenshot:


The button is completely useless IMO. It takes lots of space which causes many bookmarks not showing in bookmarks toolbar and we have to click on the arrow to access those bookmarks. It would be great if we could remove the button from toolbar to get some extra space to show remaining bookmarks items.

If you try to remove that annoying "Bookmarks" button using Customize toolbar window, you'll notice that the button is not shown in Bookmarks toolbar. You'll only see "Bookmarks Toolbar Items" in Bookmarks toolbar and if you remove it from Bookmarks toolbar, none of your bookmarks will be shown in toolbar. It seems the annoying button is tightly coupled with Bookmarks items.

So how to get rid of this useless and annoying "Bookmarks" button from Bookmarks toolbar in Firefox? Here is the solution!

Today this tutorial will help you in removing this sticky "Bookmarks" button from Firefox Bookmarks toolbar:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox and right-click on toolbar and select "Customize" option.

2. It'll open Customize Toolbar window. Now you just need to drag the "Bookmarks" button present in Navigation toolbar and drop it in Customize Toolbar window as shown in following screenshot:


3. That's it. Close the window and you'll get rid of the annoying Bookmarks button from Bookmarks toolbar. You might get an arrow at the end of Bookmarks toolbar which seems a bug. Just disable Bookmarks toolbar and enable it again or restart Firefox and it'll fix this bug.

Following screenshot shows the Bookmarks toolbar without Bookmarks button in Firefox:


Actually the Bookmarks button present in Navigation toolbar and Bookmarks toolbar are same but the problem is that even if the button is shown in Bookmarks toolbar, the Customize Toolbar window still shows the button present in Navigation toolbar which confuses users and they can't understand how to remove the button from Bookmarks toolbar?

Did you also face this issue? Did you already know this trick? Please share your experience in your comment...


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  • good useful. but no use because i use chrome.... :(

  • ^^ does he know english???

    I have done it allready

  • About the new tab button in Firefox 9 or higher :(
    It turn out to be a "+" at the left of tab bar :(
    Could it be anyway to make it back ( like firefox 3.6 or st )

  • @Billy - You can move the new tab button around just like with most other things in Firefox. You can even put it on the navbar if you wish.

  • Useless for you. I prefer the button to the bar.

  • I really do not understand why the Bookmarks button is annoying or useless.
    I prefer using it rather than the Bookmarks toolbar and gain more screen space for browsing.
    This post did not seems belong to you VG!

  • VG

    ^^ You didnt get the point. This tutorial is about to remove Bookmarks button from Bookmarks toolbar and not from standard toolbar.

  • @SCBright It's useless when you are already using the bookmarks toolbar which is exactly what this article is about.

  • I agree 100% with the uselessness of the tool, but the solution removes both buttons so there's no bookmark button left. I just want to get rid of the one on the bookmarks toolbar, but not the one I put on the navigation toolbar. If you remove both, how to get to your bookmarks except by bringing up the menu every time?

  • VG

    ^^ When you use Bookmarks toolbar, there is no need of an extra bookmarks button in navigation toolbar. :)

  • Bookmarks and the toolbar are very different - bookmarks toolbar isn't organised, just a single list. Useful for common used pages, but only a liited number of them.

    Bookmarks off-toolbar can be organised by folders and many levels to allow many bookmarks to be organised.

  • Heyy, I used this technique in my firefox 12, to remove the icon from 'Navigation Bar' and it worked for it too ;) thanks

  • Thank for this tutorial! Anyway, I'm using both bookmarks toolbar (for commonly accessed sites - one click) and the bookmarks menu (for storing hundreds of less often used sites). Is there a way to have toolbar and also bookmarks button, but where I want it to be, and not on the toolbar?

  • Wow! Thanx very much! What a simple fix to such a pain in the arse!

  • Thanks a lot! It was really annoying for me that I couldn't remove it from the Bookmarks Toolbar.

  • Thanks man. It was so simple, but so hard to find out. Cheers!

  • Thanks a lot! Been looking for this every now and then for really long time

  • I'm just the opposite, I want ALL of my buttons in text and no annoying symbols of stars, arrows and books and doo dads that mean nothing to me.

    What happened is Cyberfox suddenly changed the big bookmark button. It now ADDS any page I'm not and does not show the list of bookmarks. Stupid!! I hate this. Why do they change things that make sense and work....

  • how do i ask a different question about firefox bookmarks?

  • my firefox has created literally hundreds of folder objects called BookmarksBar
    i have deleted them several times
    they keep coming back
    i have turned sync OFF
    how do i get rid of this nonsense?

  • VG

    ^^ Are you using any extension? If yes, try to disable it. Also you can try to reset Firefox to factory state:

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