How to Remove or Uninstall 3rd Party Transformation Packs (or Skin Packs) in Windows?

If you are a Windows user and love customizing Windows look-n-feel, you must be aware of 3rd party transformation packs (aka customization packs or skin packs). Transformation packs are basically a collection of Windows themes, software skins, mouse cursors, sound schemes, login screen, boot screen, 3rd party customization software, etc.

Most of the times transformation packs are created to transform existing Windows look into another OS look such as converting Windows XP look into Windows 7 or Windows 8, converting Windows look into Linux or Mac OS, and so on.


We have also shared a few transformation packs in past which can be found in our exclusive Themes and Wallpapers section.

Transformation packs are not released officially by Microsoft, these are created by 3rd party theme developers. Although theme developers take all kind of precautions while developing transformation packs but sometimes you might face problems while installing or using these transformation packs. Many times Windows doesn't boot after installing a transformation pack or sometimes you don't like the final look of Windows after applying the pack.

In all these cases, you might want to uninstall and remove the transformation pack from Windows to get the previous default look back but most of the people don't know how to uninstall these transformation packs.

Today in this tutorial, we are going to tell you how to get rid of these 3rd party transformation packs from Windows? Using the simple methods given in this guide, you'll be able to remove these packs from Windows OS.

We have divided this tutorial in following 5 parts:

  • METHOD 1: Using System Restore
  • METHOD 2: Using Transformation Pack's Uninstaller
  • METHOD 3: Manually Restoring Everything Back
  • METHOD 4: Using Sfc/ Scannow Command
  • METHOD 5: Using Windows Setup Disc

So without wasting time, lets start the tutorial:

METHOD 1: Using System Restore

We always advise everyone to create a System Restore point before installing any transformation pack so that you can restore your system back to previous working state if you don't like the new Windows look or if you face some problem while using Windows.

Most of the transformation packs automatically create System Restore point before modifying system files and installing stuff but its always a wise idea to manually create a System Restore point before installing these packs and don't depend upon these packs.

So if you want to uninstall a transformation pack and want to remove it from your Windows, just use Windows built-in System Restore tool and restore your system to a previous state to get the default look back.

To learn how to use System Restore program in Windows, check out first point "Always create System Restore Point" in following tutorial:

[Guide] Safety Precautions to Setup and Install a 3rd Party Software in Windows

METHOD 2: Using Transformation Pack's Uninstaller

If you didn't create a System Restore point and the transformation pack also didn't create it, then first method is not for you.

Don't worry! You have other options left. Almost all transformation packs come with an uninstaller which helps you in uninstalling the pack from your system.

You can find the uninstall option to remove the transformation pack in "Add/Remove Programs" (Windows XP and previous OS) or "Programs and Features" (Windows Vista and later OS) under Control Panel.

If you can't find the uninstall option in Control Panel, check out transformation pack's entry in "All Programs" list in Start Menu. It should contain the uninstall option.

If you don't see transformation pack entry in Start Menu, check out the setup folder which contains transformation pack installer, it might also contain the uninstaller if the developer provided.

METHOD 3: Manually Restoring Everything Back

If the transformation pack didn't come with an uninstaller, you can restore Windows look manually using following simple steps:

1. First apply default Windows theme using Desktop Properties. It'll immediately provide the default UI back in your Windows.

2. Now uninstall all 3rd party software installed by transformation pack. You can uninstall them from Control Panel as mentioned in Method 2.

3. Then apply default cursors, sound schemes, etc using Desktop Properties or Control Panel.

4. Transformation packs also modify login screen, boot screen, etc to change Windows UI. To modify these things, transformation packs edit lots of system files such as DLL, EXE, CPL, etc using Resource Hacker tool. If you know which system files are generally modified by these transformation packs, you can restore those system files using Windows setup disc or by copying those files from another computer.

If you don't know which system files contain these GUI resources, check out following tutorials to learn more:

And once you know about the files, you can restore them back by extracting the default system files from Windows setup as mentioned in following tutorial:

How to Extract / Copy System Files from Windows Setup?

METHOD 4: Using Sfc/ Scannow Command

If the above mentioned manual method is too hard and complicated for you, you can try a simple command to restore all default system files easily, quickly and automatically.

Windows comes with a built-in tool "System File Checker" to check the integrity of all protected system files. It scans your system to find system files which are corrupt or have been modified and automatically restores default system files if required.

To run this tool, you just need to follow these simple steps:

1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator as mentioned here and run following command:

sfc /scannow


2. It'll take a few minutes in scanning your system and will automatically restore corrupt or modified system files. It might ask you to insert Windows setup disc, so keep the disc ready with you.

3. Once the process completes, you'll need to restart your system and then you'll get the default Windows look back.

METHOD 5: Using Windows Setup Disc

If everything fails and none of the above mentioned method works for you, then you'll need to follow the ultimate solution i.e. repair Windows using setup disc.

Boot using Windows setup disc and then you can repair Windows to restore all default files and settings. It'll keep all your personal documents and software installed in your system, so don't worry about them.

Phew... That's all for now guys. We hope the above mentioned methods will help you in uninstalling unwanted transformation pack from your system. If you know about any other method, feel free to share it...

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  • thx vg...

    I remember back when I installed the Leopard transformation pack on my xp and then my dad got pissed that i installed a "fake Mac" over it. i totally remembered how it had took him more than five frikken hours to figure out how to remove everything and restore everything back to xp. after all that 5+ hours of frustration, he decided to use the old-fashion way: basically Method#5 mentioned here in this post.

  • the best one is to reinstall windows, windows 7 is Beautiful enough, so i never install a transform pack.

  • Very nice tutorial VG. You always help us. Thanks for your hard work. :)

  • NOTHÄ°NG beats ERUNT for backing up and restoring the registry if something goes wrong.With a few clicks,you're done.

  • I installed a Windows 8 Transformation Pack recently (I think it was for Windows 8 RTM) and when I originally uninstalled it, it somehow kept some of the files that should've been reverted back. One of said files is the Windows Logo above the dropdown menu when pressing Alt+F4 on the desktop in Windows 7. For some reason or another, it still says "Windows 8" despite my uninstalling the pack. So now I'm using method #4 as I type this to restore it back to the original.

    Hopefully it should work....

  • how can i run an unvalid win32 file cos when i run the uninstaller a message appears that c:\progra~..................... bla bla bla is not a valid win32 application
    how can i run it

  • Thank's alot for usefull Tips, Tricks ur hard work, Mr

  • recently installed mac os x lion mountain skin pack, after restart remains black screen and cursor so please help me what shoulid i do now i am unable to open windows

  • i installed an aleinware pack and despite deleting everything i have found for it, it still is there. method 1 glitched my pc. The pack didnt come with an uninstaller so method 2 is out. i tried using method 3 and when i try to reset default icons, it keeps the alienware pack icons. Using method 4, it stops at 10% and says "windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation". And i dont have a windows 7 disk. This alienware skin pack is really annoying and i would really like it gone, Somebody help?

  • @F8E
    Try performing Method 4 in Safe Mode. To boot into Safe Mode, Press F8 repeatedly before the Boot Screen appears and it'll take you into the Advanced Boot Options of Windows. Select "Safe Mode" and you'll be booted into Windows' Safe Mode.

    If doing Method 4 in Safe Mode does not seem to work, you've got no choice but to have a Windows 7 disc in handy to do the last option which is Method 5.

  • for windows 8 pro version
    open task manager,
    goto file and run a new task,
    thn a window will appear,click on browse,
    go to local c: drive,then to program files(x86),
    click on the skin pack folder,then under it a uninstaller wil b there,
    simply uninstal the program from there,
    after reboot problem not persist.

  • Will try this. did it for Win8 and just a black screen with cursor. i open task manager and try to open explorer.exe and it says this app cant be used

  • I had installed Vista them on my Windows 7 laptop and because of a careless click, I by mistake clicked on the dialogue box after the install process of the above theme and may be that resulted in the change of appearance of my Desktop : taskbar looks, drive looks, icon looks etc
    Restore point is disabled and via personalise option too I am unable to switch to the original state.
    In the personalise option too, I see that the Window Color icon is different!
    I have tried method 4 and got the following results :
    Some of the system file could not be changed...refer cbs.log file in Windows dir
    I looked that file but I am unable to understand how to correct the error..
    Please help me asap..

  • VG

    ^^ If you have Windows setup disc, boot using it and try the Repair option.

  • I don't need to reinstall my gr8 windows 7 as I have inbuilt softwares in my Laptop, namely,
    HP recovery manager & Windows startup repair. Well, startup repair is very weak whereas HP recovery manager is gr8, formats full hard disk in seconds & automatically installs windows 7 in 15-20 minutes & fixes all errors and takes about 30-45 minutes to restore my pc. It is really a life savior for me and my Gr8 laptop. If any problem occurs after windows started, reached in desktop,
    then I click on restore my pc to an earlier time under action center, then clicked on advance recovery method & then select return your computer to factory condition, & then in just 1 hour I finished windows setup (filling in personal info) & then ready to rock again. ;-)

  • I didn't use any of these methods on my lenovo ideapad mixx 10. I done a system refresh by pressing F2 at startup.

  • I installed windows 8 transformation pack on xp and after installation it asked me to restart computer and when it restarted ma desktop is blank task manager is also not opening so pls suggest me something

  • My windows wont boot pass the lock screen i mean the lock screen is black and glitching i cant see anything

  • I have installed Windows 8 Tranformation Pack and then I UNINSTALLED it. I still have the login for windows 8 and start button for windows 8. I DO NOT want windows 8. I want my windows 7 back. System restore keeps displaying an error. What is the link for the uninstalled?

  • i have installed glass skin and i have not seen anything in the skin, only black appeared, no option to click

  • Thanks VG.
    Your step number 4 really worked for me.
    One more question ! I can't open user accounts . It says "user profile service failed to log on" .
    Please resolve my problem!!
    N thanks once again .

  • I got a Black Screen With a flickering cursor after uninstalling a transformation pack on windows 8.1. I cannot use my PC anymore. How do i solve it?
    I am forced to either
    Repair windows 8.1 with a 8 disc.
    Install another OS formatting everything.

    how do i repair my glitches windows if the logon screen is corrupted?

  • I installed an osx yosemite skin pack a while ago on my windows 8 laptop and i uninstalled the program and dedleted the files for the skin pack and that got rid of everything except for the icons for example my "Computer" Icon is a picture of an imac and i tried method 4 but it says you must be an administrator running a console session in to use the sfc utility and there is only one account on the pc and that is mine and it is the administrator account please help p.s i have resulted to method 4 because the "uninstaller was removed after i "uninstalled" the skinpack and i do not wish to restore my pc and loose my files because i have downloaded many games/programs and do no wish to re-download and re-install after i restore to before i installed the skinpack please help!! thanks matt

  • VG

    ^^ Try to activate hidden Administrator account and then try method 4 again:

  • Great!!! step 4 really help me restore back my notebook after installing the glass skin on my windows 8 OS.

    My screen went black after the installation when i restated my machine so i pressed control+alt+del which i pressed on task manager and from there i clicked on file then run new task and from there clicked on browse and at the search bottom i entered CMD(search under computer) which i runed as administrator but please make sure the CMD directory is C:\windows\system32

  • Step 3 is really effective so pls try that one and incase i r using windows system 8 just go task manager and under file go to browse and search the installation directory and manually uninstall it but must include everything in the uninstallation process

  • If step 3 fails then try step 4
    thanks VG

  • Whoa, whoa, calm down Matt. Just right click Command Prompt and select "Run As Administrator". Now it should work.

  • Recently installed mac os x Yosemite skin pack, after restart remains black screen and cursor so please help me what should i do now i am unable to open windows

  • VG

    ^^ You'll need to boot using Windows setup disc and repair Windows.

  • I'm not expart enough to do this. Can you please tell me steps how can I do this process.

  • Hello admin i installed mac transformation pack and after i restarted my pc and i was only seeing a cursor only.......what could be the problem

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