How to Remove “Next Desktop Background” Option from Windows 7 and Later Desktop Context Menu?

Recently we posted a detailed tutorial to Customize Windows 7 Desktop context menu:

Customizing "Screen Resolution", "Gadgets" and "Personalize" Options

Here is another small tutorial to remove "Next Desktop Background" option from Desktop context menu which appears when you use Desktop SlideShow feature which allows you to run a SlideShow of selected wallpapers.


Personally I don't like this extra option because it makes the whole context menu a bit large which doesn't look good. So here are the steps to remove it:

1. Type regedit in RUN or Start Menu search box and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor.

2. Now go to:


3. This key contains a sub-key "DesktopSlideshow".


4. Delete it and the option will be removed from Desktop context menu.

PS: If you want a ready-made registry script to do the task automatically, download following ZIP file, extract it and run "Remove Next Desktop Background Option.reg" file to remove the option. There is also a "Restore. reg" file to restore the option.

Download Registry Script

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  • Hey VG my desktop wallpaper slideshow isn't working pls help me.....

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