How to Remove “Feedback” Button from Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta Toolbar?

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta version has been released to public and can be downloaded using this link.

Since its a beta build, Mozilla asks all users to provide their feedback so that it can improve the upcoming web browser version. That's why Mozilla has added a new "Feedback" button in the Toolbar to easily and quickly send your valuable feedback to Mozilla:


Although it doesn't take much space and doesn't harm in any way, if you don't like the button and want to remove it which we don't recommend, you can follow these simple steps to remove it:

There are 2 ways to remove the button:

Method 1:

1. Its very simple method. Right-click on Toolbar and select "Customize".

2. Click on "Restore Default Set" button and it'll remove the "Feedback" button.

If it doesn't, you can drag-n-drop "Feedback" button from Toolbar to "Customize Toolbar" window.

Method 2:

This method requires to disable the "Feedback" add-on which comes pre-installed with Firefox 4.0 Beta build.

1. Select "Tools -> Add-ons" option from Menu Bar. If you can't see Menu Bar, you can press "ALT" key to show it.

2. Now select "Feedback" add-on and click on "Disable" button.

3. Restart your browser and it'll remove the "Feedback" button from Toolbar.

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  • Method 3

    Right-click on Toolbar and select "Customize" -> Drag the "Feedback" button into the dialog box that appeared.

  • How to reintegrate the "Kaspersky URL Advisor" and "Kaspersky Virtual Keyboard" after I installed Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta without reinstalling Kaspersky?

  • VG

    ^^ There should be an option to reintegrate them in Kasperky Settings. If you find any option, first disable it and then enable it. Otherwise you'll have to re-run the setup of Kaspersky again.

  • They probably aren't compatible with 4 yet, bother kapersky.

  • To fix URL advisor:

    Uninstall it if it is in the addons,

    Install Web Of Trust (WOT) in , its the same thing but more updated (because its community based) then Kapersky.

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