PowerMenu: Minimize Any Application to System Tray in Windows

Do you love a clutter-free Taskbar and want to minimize all your opened application to System Tray instead of Taskbar? By default Windows doesn't provide this facility but here we'll tell you about a free, small and excellent utility which can provide this facility.

"PowerMenu" is a free utility which provides this essential feature which Microsoft has not implemented in Windows yet. It adds following 4 extra options in Windows control menu (the menu which appears when you right-click on windows titlebar or its taskbar button):

  • Priority
  • Transparency
  • Always On Top
  • Minimize To Tray


You can change window priority which is a feature which Windows Task Manager also provides. Its a critical option and you should not change it unless required.

You can change window transparency:


You can set a window to stay always on top.

And at last which is the main and most important feature of this utility, you can minimize any application to System tray:


As you can see, we have minimized Explorer window to System tray using this utility and we can restore it back any time by double-clicking on its icon in system tray.

So its a must have utility for Windows users and the best part is its free.

Download PowerMenu

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  • this won't work!!! it ONLY works during the windows session it was installed on!!! but if I restart the computer, it no longer works and ALWAYS errors out on "unable to write file" if I attempt a reinstall!!! can someone help??? I am using Windows 7!!!

  • VG

    ^^ Did you use the installer version or portable version?

  • I used the installer version

  • in fact I cannot even download the portable version, the link is broken!!! it leads to the installer version!!!

  • VG

    ^^ It seems the developer has removed the portable version.

  • what about my issue with it not working upon restart... also powermenuhook.dll gets removed from my computer when I restart too!! but it WON'T work even if PowermenuHook.dll is STILL there!!!

  • VG

    ^^ No idea. Try to run the installer as Administrator by using "Run as Administrator" option from context menu.

  • Already tried that!!! I also tried running the program itsself as administrator!!!! each both failed!!!

  • VG

    ^^ I can only suggest that first uninstall the program completely using following steps:


    And then reinstall it.

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