How to Merge / Combine Multiple E-mail Accounts into One in Windows Live Mail (WLM)?

Many of us use Windows Live Mail to check our emails right from our Desktop. Almost all of us have more than one email account and its quite annoying and time consuming to click on each account to check its emails.

Wouldn't it be great if we can merge / combine all emails accounts folders into one which shows all new emails, sent mails, deleted mails, etc from each email account?

Today in this tutorial, we'll tell you how to get a special folder "Quick Views" in Windows Live Mail which combines folders of all email accounts into one:

1. Although "Quick Views" is enabled in Windows Live Mail by default but if you can't see it, click on the 2nd icon present in the right-side of the toolbar and select "Layout" option:


2. In Layout window, enable "Show Quick views" option under "Folder Pane" section:


3. It'll add "Quick views" at top of the Folder pane which'll contain a few default sub-folders under it:


4. You can add/remove sub-folders under "Quick views" by clicking on the wrench icon near its name or by right-clicking on "Quick views" and click on "Select quick views" option:


That's it. Now it'll show combined emails from all of your email accounts so you wouldn't need to click on each account separately.

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