How to Install and Apply Styler Toolbar Skin in Windows XP Explorer?

NOTE: If Styler toolbar entry is not available or grayed out in Explorer toolbar context menu, enable "Enable third-party browser extensions" option in Internet Explorer's Options window. Log off or restart your system and now you should be able to enable Styler toolbar in Explorer. Thanks to our reader "Royan" for this info.

In this tutorial, we'll tell you how to install a Styler toolbar skin in Windows XP explorer? Many times we download a styler skin but can't find a way to install and use it. As you all know about "VistaVG" and "SevenVG" themes for Windows XP which can make Windows XP look-a-like Vista and 7.

In these theme packs, we have included a styler skin which adds a toolbar similar to Vista and 7 explorer toolbar having back, forward buttons along with addressbar and searchbar in XP explorer.

Many visitors don't find themselves comfortable in installing and applying this styler skin, so we are posting a detailed tutorial with screenshots which will help you in applying Styler toolbar skins:

1. First of all install "Styler" if you have not installed it yet. You can download it from following link:

Download Styler Free Version

2. Install it and log off.

3. Now open Explorer window and right-click on toolbar. Now enable "Styler Toolbar" option and disable other options like Standard Buttons, Address Bar, Links:


4. Now copy the styler skin folder to following directory:

C:\Program Files\Styler\TB\skins\Styler's

Here C: is the drive where Windows is installed. Change it if your Windows is installed in some other partition.

5. Now click on the "Floppy" icon in Styler toolbar and select "Skin -> Styler's -> skin_name" (In our case the skin name will be VistaVG or SevenVG). It'll apply the new skin.

6. If you want to remove Menubar also, then double-click on Styler's icon in System Tray. It'll open Styler Options window. Go to "Toolbar" tab and enable "Hide Menubar" option.

7. That's it. Now you'll get your desired styler toolbar in Windows Explorer.

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  • Can you give me advice to make a styler toolbar?

  • VG

    ^^ You can use any Styler skin as a base and then modify the image resources according to your requirements.

  • thank you
    i installed it and love it
    but i have one problem how can i remove the icon of styler from trayicon ?
    please need your help

  • VG

    ^^ I think there is an option in Styler settings to remove its icon from system tray.

  • why the Ribbon UI isn't working for me ? i installed it and follow the instructions then i selected the skin but thats now working. please help me

  • i click styler and said stop working please help

  • How to enable on Win7? I can't seem to find it!

  • I am unable to find it in Windows Explorer, yet it works in IE.

  • Styler installer says : Styler can be downloaded on win XP

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