How to Hide, Show or Set Permissions for Your Email ID in Your Facebook Account Profile Page?

That's really a coincidence that just 2 days back I restricted my email ID display on my Facebook profile page and today Facebook rolled out a big change in display of all Facebook users email IDs.

Long time back Facebook introduced a personalized email ID for all Facebook users but it didn't get much attention. Today as a second attempt to reintroduce it, Facebook forcefully replaced your email ID with your unique email ID on your Facebook profile page.

Now if you open your Facebook profile page and look into "Contact Info" section, you'll see your email ID there instead of the previous email ID which you set in past.

Some people might see this change as a good move as you can use this new email ID to receive all Facebook alert emails separately but some people might not be very happy from this move.

If you don't like this change and want to hide this new email ID from others or if you want to show your previous email ID again on your profile page, following steps will help you:

1. Open your Facebook profile page and either click on "About" link which is displayed below your Facebook avatar or click on "Update Info" button which is displayed in right-side of your profile page.

2. It'll open a page where you can customize your profile page appearance and can restrict stuff which is usually shown to others.

Scroll down a bit and you'll see "Contact Info" section.


3. Click on "Edit" button and it'll display all your email IDs registered with your Facebook account along with your unique email ID.

4. To set permissions on your email ID, click on the first small arrow given next to your email ID and select the appropriate option from the list.


5. If you want to hide an email ID from your timeline page, click on the second small arrow next to the email ID and select "Hidden from Timeline" option from the list.


If you want to show an email ID, do the opposite and set the option to "Shown on Timeline".

6. At the end, click on "Save" button and your desired restriction will be set on your email ID display at your Facebook profile page.

Do you like this change? Is it a good move from Facebook? Feel free to share your opinion about this change in your comment...


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  • Is there any way to disable/ get rid of TIMELINE feature of facebook profile.??

  • @ ankur I know a perfect way!

    Try SocialReviver! Its the best add on. It does disable timeline but the other people see your FB page as timeline though. Its cool!


    Disable the new Profiles and Pages layout ("Timeline") and return to the Classic 2011 Profiles. (NOTE: this is NOT an user-agent switcher!)

    Disable the Chat Sidebar and return to the Old Normal Chat.

    Use Friend Lists in Chat to limit your availability and group your Chat contacts.

    Don't let your friends know when you read the messages they send to you in chat (experimental feature).

    Link the name in chat windows titlebar to contact's profile.

    Revert the blue top bar to the old style one.

    Stick the blue top bar at the top of the window.

    Add a shadow below the blue top bar.

    Enable or disable extension features via a settings panel.

    And many other small but useful features!

    (Please note that the new profile gets disabled only in your browser; your friends will see the old version of your profile only if they have installed this extension.)

  • @ Lester
    Thanks, you solve my problem, i m gonna try this owith my firefox.

  • @ankur

    You can even try this on Chrome

    There is app in Google Chrome WebAppStore name


    Google It ^^

  • @ankur, what said SMBR! i'd recommend you to this timelinkRemove!

  • Thanks all, what about USER AGENT SWITCHER addon, i m a firefox fan boy.

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