How to Get the Good Old Classic Chat Interface Back in Facebook?

Almost all Facebook users are complaining about new Chat sidebar which appears at the right-side in Facebook pages.

You can hide it by selecting "Hide Sidebar" option from the sidebar menu present at the sidebar bottom but you can't get the old chat interface back.

Today we are going to share an excellent extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera web browser users which can bring back the good old classic chat back in Facebook.

"Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler" is a free extension which helps you in disabling the new chat sidebar and return the good old normal chat window back.

Simply install it and open Facebook and click on chat link. You'll get the old chat back:


You can also toggle between old-style chat and new chat using "Use Old-Style Chat" option in chat menu.

To use video chat, just open a normal chat tab and click the video icon in title bar of the conversation.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

Thanks to our reader "Spox" for sharing it...

UPDATE: It seems the extension has been removed by the developer. You can use "Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion" userscript to disable new chat sidebar and bring back old chat in Facebook. Thanks to our reader "Ivan" for sharing it...

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  • Thanks. Worked like a charm.

  • If you zoom in on your facebook tab, you get the same result ;)

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