How to Get Good Old “Statusbar” with Text and Progress Meter Back in Mozilla Firefox

As you all know we are keeping our eyes very closely at the development of Mozilla Firefox 4.0 and we have a special dedicated topic for it:

[Mozilla Firefox Nightly Update]

Recently we posted a topic about the things which we hate about Firefox 4.0:

Things I hate about Mozilla Firefox 4.0

One thing which we don't like at all is the removal of good old Statusbar. Mozilla has replaced Statusbar with new Add-on Bar which shows nothing atm. It'll be used to show status icons for installed add-ons in final version.

If you also miss the progress meter and status text which used to shown in Status bar, here is an excellent add-on for you.

"Status-4-Evar" is a great extension for Mozilla Firefox 4.0 created by "Sparky Bluefang". Actually this extension is a collection of toolbar widgets that provides replacement for what was previously shown in the statusbar.

After installing the extension, you can customize your toolbars and drag the "Status Text", "Progress Meter", and "Download Status" items wherever you want. Behavior of the items can be controlled in the extension preferences.

Simply install the extension, enable "Add-on Bar". Right-click on Add-on Bar and select Customize. Now click on Restore Default Set button and you'll get Status text, Progress meter and Download status back in Firefox 4.0.


You can also customize Statusbar appearance by changing the add-on preferences.

Download Link

Thanks to our active reader "leomate" for sharing it...


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  • yeah love it :D
    i wish firefox team give us an option to show that status bar on or off, not removing it in the final build.
    thanks again my friend vg.

  • Mozilla shouldn't remove statusbar option permanent. Just disabled by default is enough.

  • VG

    ^^ There is an option to hide controls once the loading is complete. Check in add-on preferences.

  • thank you VG! i like the whole Firefox 4.0 except it does not show what it is loading or looking up or waiting for, so i enable show status in navigation bar. This is very good addon. now i can see is looking up or waiting for. I also want the small loading bar enabled and i did it, now every thing is like the full version of firefox 4.0! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! VG and leomate!

  • You advertize "Make Firefox Your Own". Yet everytime there is an upgrade; it wipes out all my settings. It removes my add-ons and my status bar. I have to find how to download the status bar. Please put the status bar back as an option. This is so aggravating. Why can't you upgrade without destroying my settings?

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