How to Get Good Old “RSS Feed Icon” Back in Mozilla Firefox Addressbar

As you know we posted an interesting topic which highlights the new changes in Mozilla Firefox 4.0 which we don't like at all:

Things I hate about Mozilla Firefox 4.0

One thing was the removal of Statusbar which can be brought again using an excellent add-on:

How to Get Good Old "Statusbar" with Text and Progress Meter Back in Mozilla Firefox 4.0

Now its turn of RSS feed icon. One AskVG reader "kitsuneymg" has created an excellent add-on for Mozilla Firefox 4.0 which can bring back the good old RSS feed icon in addressbar as shown in following screenshot:


You can download it using following link:

Download Link

UPDATE: The add-on is no longer available but you can add RSS icon to toolbar by right-clicking on Navigation toolbar and select Customize. From the customize toolbar window just drag-n-drop the Subscribe icon to toolbar.

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  • I think SCBright is talking about the button we can add when we personalize toolbars (with the right-click on a toolbar).

  • Hi,

    Have any clue how to bring back the "classic" New Tab button from the "Navigation Menu"?


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