Get Good Old Classic Start Menu Back in Windows 7 Using CSMenu

What? There is no Classic Start menu in Windows 7? That's the most common question which Windows 7 users ask us. Actually Microsoft has completely removed Classic start menu from Windows 7 and you are forced to use the new Vista like start menu.

Although the new start menu is much better than the classic one, lots of people still prefer the Classic one. So what to do? Here is the solution.

"CSMenu" is a small application for Windows 7 which can bring the Classic start menu back in Windows 7. You just need to install it and run the application. There is also a portable version available so you can run it without installing.

Following is a screenshot of CSMenu in action:


You can Pin its shortcut to Taskbar so that you can use it similar to Start button.

You can also hide default Start ORB (Start button) using "Start Killer".

You can give it a try using following link:

Download Link

NOTE: When we install it, it didn't create its shortcut in Programs menu or Desktop. If you also face this problem, you can run its EXE file from "%programfiles\CSMenu" folder.

PS: At the installation time, make sure to select "Custom Installation" option and uncheck "Install the Ask Toolbar" checkbox.

NOTE: You can also check other free tools to get Classic Start Menu back in Windows 7 at following link:

Ultimate Collection of the Best Free Tools to Get Classic Start Menu Back in Windows 7


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  • I want clasic start menu back !!!! Not some overpinned skin !!! MS shoud get some on 12'o clock quality !!! They would tell user/us what is to be used ? Start menu in Vista dragged to Win 7 is ugly and no customizable ! Win 8 is ugly as hell !!! The old one in Win Xp was ! I want old shell back tell that to the smaks in Redmond. And im looking at Linux also.

  • Steve,
    Use ClassicShell! It works better! And looks better! AND IT CAN CHANGE THE START BUTTON!
    Also, it works for Windows 8 if you want the Windows 7 start menu in Windows 8. You can download it here:

  • I want classic single column start menu back with Tree structure! I wan't Microsoft reconntinue Support for Windows XP.

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