How to Get Classic XP Style Network Activity Indicator Back in Windows 7?

There are many Windows 7 users who miss the good old Windows XP style Network activity indicator in System Tray. Windows XP indicator used to show network activity with a blinking icon, on the other hand Windows 7 indicator doesn't blink.

If you miss the classic indicator in Windows 7 and want to get it back, here is an awesome piece of software to use.

"Network Activity Indicator" is a small portable utility which adds the classic XP style Network activity indicator to Windows 7 System Tray as shown in following screenshot:


You just need to download the ZIP file using following link:

Download Link

Extract the ZIP file or run setup file and then run program's EXE file. It'll immediately add the classic indicator to Windows 7 System Tray. You can hide the default network indicator icon using Taskbar Properties.

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  • does this support winxp?

  • VG

    ^^ Not checked. Please give it a try yourself.

  • it works but better if it has the diamond hehe^^ btw TY!

  • @Kirkbbbb
    Yes it is working on both Windows XP and also on Windows 8. I have tried it myself.

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