How to Get Classic Old Interface Back in Google Search Pages?

UPDATE: This article was posted 3 years ago when Google changed Google Search interface and people were trying to find ways to get the old interface back.

Now Google has changed the Google Search interface again. They have moved all the tabs such as Images, Maps, YouTube, News, Gmail, Play Store, etc from top menubar to a grid like interface which can be accessed using a button given at the top-right side of Google Search page.

The old trick to get classic interface in Google Search no longer works so we have updated this tutorial to share a new working trick.

Recently Google introduced a new look to its search engine. Personally I like the new look but there are many people who don't like the new interface and they are asking for ways to get the old interface back.

If you also don't like the new look and want the classic old look back, you can use following method:

New Interface of Google Search:


Old Interface of Google Search:


To access old interface of Google Search, you just need to open following link in your web browser:

Get Classic Old Interface in Google Search (English)

Get Classic Old Interface in Google Search (Worldwide)

Once you open the above mentioned link, you'll get the old Google Search page instead of the new one.

If you want, you can bookmark the link by pressing "CTRL+D" keys in your browser window so that you can access it quickly whenever you want. You can also set it as your browser homepage.

Thanks to our readers "rkkdjb" and "Lucas" for sharing the trick...


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  • how do i get the old look back, i don't like the new look.

  • Please restore links on the Google search page so I can directly access Maps and News. And Images. Why conceal the link in the grid? Thank you.

  • @Mark I think they changed the google page bcoz it was not compatible with the new IE 11, but otherwise it remains the same, u could still access maps, news etc. by simply clicking on the grid option in the top right corner of the google page next to the sign in, gmail options. So its just the look that changes.
    -4th Oct. 2013, 02:58 GMT

  • It's the stupid apps grid that I dislike. Before if I wanted maps I clicked maps and it opened in the same tab. I would open it in a new tab so I have to close the original; google tab to get it to just one tab. Instead of making it easier they make it harder. Making it compatible with IE11 is good if I was using it but I don't. I use Firefox and want my old google back. They should make so you can choose which version you want to use. Looks like i have to find a new search engine to use since google is messing up my homepage.

  • Hey everybody, I found this link on google products forum for the old google page check this out if u like it make it ur homepage or book mark it:
    -5th Oct. 2013, 16:04 GMT

    For all languages ^^

  • That's not the "old" google, that's a version designed for legacy browsers and as such lacks HTML5 elements.

    To get the REAL old google back

    You're welcome

  • @anonymous
    Plz Check b4 posting, doesn't work in IE or Firefox, returns the new interface.

    - 10th Oct. 2013, 02:44 GMT

  • So VG, you can see in the logo that Google's got a new logo, and I really love it. I had been waiting it for a long time but Google's old logo's there in the URL you told me. But then too, you helped me a lot. Now VG, do you know about the Google Gravity project designed at
    Just go there VG and it is truly great, the Google logo can be thrown and played with, and it looks really awesome. Moreover, you can type your search keyword in the text box, wherever it is, and then click on search, it'll search it just like Google. Just AWESOME! By the way, your new look's also too good!!
    So the URL is-

  • And I thank you for posting the link to old search interface. The new one is no improvement, for me anyway.

  • How do I make the classic google be the default view? When I use the link provided, it only works on that page. Any google link you then click on takes me to the new google.

    I'd really like to know why they feel the need to hide everything. Before, maps, news, images, etc were but 1 click away. Now I have to click something else to open a new window to then be able to access everything that used to be right there on the main page.

    In this day of large monitors, it seems really silly to not put the links on the main page.

    Note to programmers: Accomplishing the same thing with fewer clicks is always the better way to go,

    Also, why did they remove the "google home" link that always used to be at the bottom of all searches?

  • Thanks a lot!
    Shortcuts like "images,maps,play...translate..." are most helpful and irreplaceable.

  • i dont like this ugly look that your so called smart guys did to the old google home page so they really need to leave things alone and put it back

  • I'm searching for a method to revert back to the ~2000 interface. There's any way to do that?

  • how do you get the new Google interface. Mine changed and not sure why.

  • That little section at the top right corner where you'd have (
    +kim, gmail, images) etc, has completely disappeared, I've tried changing the settings, restarting pc, and almost everything I can can think of. I think its a part of the new interface, except that part just went missing all of a sudden from last night. Please Help :'(

  • The google classic search result is not open on my mobile ! I don't know but how to get the classic interface of google !

  • Am really confused. I am stuck with the old interface of google every time I open it.
    I tried with many browsers, but still I couldn't get the new interface !
    I want to revert back to the new interface.
    Please provide me with your assistance.

  • Hey VG how r u man ?
    OK i wanted to ask we do get the old interface with this but if i search anything in the address bar directly, the new interface comes through....
    any solution to get the old interface while searching directly from address bar.

  • VG

    ^^ Because when you use addressbar or searchbox of your web browser, it loads the built-in URL of google search. You can only get old UI when you manually launch the above mentioned URL. You can add a bookmark of it for easy access.

  • @VG
    thank for the response.
    actually i found the solution in makeuseof
    we can use an addon UAControl and block google's User Agent
    and then the default look is automatically it if you type the address or just search directly in your address bar.
    see here :

  • VG

    ^^ Indeed. Add-ons are always there to help users. ;)

  • Could someone please help me find a way to do this for firefox

  • This method will no longer work. Now, we have no choice but to permanently suffer with the new google homepage look.

  • Posting in March 2016: I still have the old classic look with the map apps etc along the top instead of under the grid. I like it because you can do things with half the number of clicks. I am trying to find how to get it on my new computer which does not run Snow Leopard.

    BTW, Snow Leopard is still faster than the latest Mac OS. Go figure.

  • Hey! This no longer works anymore :( PLS FIX!!!



    copied the link for the classic google. dragged copy to desktop. dropped down and found "new" and clicked shortcut. checked it all out and valla threw away my old shortcut and am using the new one now so no one can obviously the irritating 8 boxes to see where i've been recently unless they go into history that i delete regularly !!! might want to make this process a little clearer. it worked perfectly

  • As of 26/02/2017, it seems like IE8 still retains the old Google search with the tabs at the top. Even the search results uses the old layout too - a nice bit of nostalgia while I was setting up a friend's computer today.

    Too bad IE8 is the sux, although I reckon it's still better than Edge.

  • I forgot to mention, if you click the links on the black bar, you'll return to the new google, so always use the sidebar links instead, if you want to stick with the old google.

  • I would like to get back the old google classic +

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