How to Get Blue Toolbar Color Back in Microsoft Office 2003 While Using 3rd Party Themes in Windows XP?

Most of us use custom 3rd party themes in Windows XP to change its look. But if you also use Office 2003 in Windows XP, you might have noticed that these custom themes remove the default blue toolbar color in Office 2003 applications and you get the classic grey color instead.

This tutorial will help you in getting back the blue toolbar back in Office 2003 under Windows XP:


Problem Reason:

Actually Office 2003 checks whether you are using default "Luna" theme or not. If it finds that you are using any other theme, it starts showing the ugly classic toolbar.


The only work around for this problem is to rename your 3rd party windows theme's msstyles file to "luna.msstyles", e.g., if you are using our "VistaVG" theme, then just rename the "VistaVG.msstyles" to "luna.msstyles". That's it.

The .msstyles file can be found in "Windows\Resources\Themes\custom_theme_name\" folder.

For WindowBlinds users, open "%windir%\wb.ini" file and add MakeOfficeBlue=1 in [global] section. You can change 1 to 2 or 3 to change the color to Green and Silver respectively.

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  • I'm running Windows 8 and I wish for the opposite effect and more for my MS Office 2003. I want it to be able to change colors automatically with Aero's title border. It did this fine under XP.

  • I'm also running Windows 8 and wish to change my MS Office 2003 back to the Classic grey I had under XP. The bright blue toolbars and menu bars are driving me nuts.

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