How to Force Mozilla Firefox In-line Spell Checker to Work in Textboxes and Web Forms?

Almost all of us use our favorite web browser's built-in spell checker to check the spelling mistakes in our messages, comments, emails, etc.

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, you might have noticed that its in-line Spell Checker doesn't work in forms, text boxes, rich text editors, etc. You need to manually right-click in the box and enable "Spell check this field" option to check the spelling.

Today in this tutorial, we are going to share a solution for this annoying problem. After applying this trick, the in-line spell checker in Firefox will work in all textboxes, forms, etc.

1. Type about:config in Firefox addressbar and press Enter.


2. Now type layout.spell in Filter box.

3. You'll see layout.spellcheckDefault in results.

4. Double-click on it and change its value to 2

5. That's it. Now Firefox will automatically check spelling mistakes in every textbox, etc in webpages.

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  • Thank you so much for this simple but extremely helpful tip!

  • Worked well for me on, June 14, 2013 using Firefox 21.0. Followed the instructions exactly as laid out above and all is well. Thank you.

  • Nope, still not working in rich text editors

  • Thanks a lot. That worked.

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