How to Fix Windows Phone 7 and Zune Devices Connection Problems and Issues?

Many times Windows Phone 7 or Zune device owners face various problems while connecting and detecting the devices to computer system. Sometimes the device is not detected by Windows and sometimes Windows doesn't install the device driver properly and shows error messages.

If you also have a Windows Phone 7 or Zune device and facing connectivity problem in Windows, this article will definitely help you.

Microsoft has released a Fixit to automatically diagnose and fix connection problems and issues when Windows Phone 7, Zune or Zune HD device is not recognized or detected when connected to a pc.

What it fixes:

  • Driver not installed
  • Out of date drivers
  • Device not found errors
  • Device and Class Filter blocking device detection


You simply need to download the fix using following link:

Download Fix for Windows Phone 7 and Zune Connection Problems

Run the installer and follow the instructions. It'll automatically detect the issue and will fix it for you.

UPDATE: If the above mentioned fix doesn't work for you and Zune software still doesn't recognize your device and shows "No device connected" error message, then try following method:

1. First of all uninstall Zune software from your system.

2. Now type regedit in RUN dialog box or Start Menu searchbox and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor.

3. Now go to following key:


4. Delete {1169EC26-0CFF-41FB-8D18-1D0EC75D68B0} key present under Class key. If you face any problem while deleting the Registry key, take ownership of the key using steps given in this tutorial.

5. Reinstall Zune software and connect your device. Now it should detect the device without any problem.

Thanks to our reader "cooldave" for sharing this trick...

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  • Fixed now - My problem was: Zune displayed “No device connected” but Windows 7 detected and could eject the htc Mozart Windows phone. I had three replacement htc Mozart Phones, used same htc USB cable and USB port on my laptop.

    First, try the proper htc USB cable in each USB port on the computer - best to use the rear USB ports on a desktop. My laptop now works on all 4 USB ports, but some software (USB printers) only works on the same USB port it was installed on originally.

    Re-installing Zune did not fix it. None of the 4 USB ports worked. Deleting all USB devices and USB hubs and restarting and letting them re-install, then re-installing Zune did not fix it. The same phone and cable worked OK on another laptop with Zune.

    My fix: I fixed my Windows 7 Enterprise laptop by uninstalling Zune, seizing ownership of the reg key below and all USB devices, then deleting the key below, disconnected phone, then re-installed Zune then plug in the phone again:


    Microsoft FixIt did not fix it for me. Other things you could try:

    Microsoft FixIt:

  • many thx @cooldave. I had the same issues, my was not recognized by Zune. I
    1.uninstalled Zune,
    2.deleted the reg key
    3. reinstalled Zune
    4. reconnected my phone via the USB
    and voila it worked! thx again.

  • thanks for help it works successfully (Second trick) i am glad to see now i can synchronize pc to system

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