How to Fix “Windows NT Setup Files Detected” Error Message While Running UXTheme Patcher in Windows XP

As you all know that Windows by default doesn't allow 3rd party themes to be used. But you can patch system files to use them without any problem.

In Windows XP, you need to patch "UXTheme.dll" file to be able to use 3rd party themes. As you might be aware of my "VistaVG" and "SevenVG" theme series which can be downloaded from following section:

Themes and Wallpapers

Although I have included all required steps to use these themes in the description as well as in Readme file but sometimes people face problem while patching the "UXTheme.dll" file using UXTheme Patcher.

One of our site visitor "Red" asked following query related to UXTheme Patcher:

i have downloaded the UXTheme Patcher and an error occurred. it said that it has detected that there's any windows NT steup file in C:\i386. it also said that i must reject the windows NT CD or move that folder to somewhere else. what do i do?

Actually this UXTheme Patcher error is quite common. It mostly occurs in branded computers. Most companies put a folder "i386" in their systems which contains Windows setup files for system recovery.

When you run UXTheme Patcher, it detects this folder and shows following error message:


In the above picture the path mentioned is "C:\i386", that means "Windows" folder in C: drive contains "i386" folder and UXTheme patcher will not run unless you rename this folder. This path might differ for different computers.

So the solution for this problem is, just rename the "i386" folder to any other name, e.g. "i386 Backup", and then run UXTheme Patcher again. Now it'll run without any problem.

After patching successfully, you can again rename the folder to its original name.

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