How to Fix Spybot Search & Destroy Alert Dialog Box Overlapping Problem?

If you are a Spybot Search and Destroy (S&D) user, you might have noticed that in the dialog box which shows alerts about the spyware, the checkbox "Remember the decision" is overlapped by "Allow", "Deny", etc buttons as shown in following screenshot:


Actually its a coding glitch which can be fixed using following simple steps:

1. First disable the TeaTimer in Spybot S&D because we'll have to edit this file.

  • Open Spybot S&D.
  • Select Advanced Mode from Mode Menu.
  • Go to: Tools -> Resident.
  • Uncheck the option saying Resident "TeaTimer" (Protection of over-all system settings) active.
  • Exit from Spybot S&D.

2. Now open teatimer.exe file present in Spybot S&D's "Program files" folder in Resource Hacker and go to:


In right-side pane, look for following lines:

object cbRemember: TCheckBox
Left = 8
Top = 160
Width = 339
Height = 17
Anchors = [akLeft, akTop, akRight]
Caption = '&Remember this decision.'
TabOrder = 2

Increase the value 160, you can set it to 200. Actually it'll modify the position of the checkbox in the dialog box.

PS: You can also do it in an easier manner! Just search for Decision and it'll let you go to the same line.

3. Now compile the script and save the file.

4. Now activate the Teatimer again in Spybot S&D and the problem would be fixed.

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