How to Fix Old Classic Context Menu Problem in Windows Vista and 7

Sometimes Windows Vista and 7 users face a strange problem. Whenever they right-click on an item or in free space, they get the old classic context menu instead of the new WPF enabled context menu as shown in following screenshot:


This problem occurs because of Norton products. Actually Norton installs its own entry in context menu which breaks whole context menu and Windows starts showing the classic context menu. As you can see in the above screenshot, there is an entry for "Norton AntiVirus".

To solve this problem, you just need to either disable Norton context menu entry from its Settings or uninstall Norton completely. It'll fix the problem and you'll get the new WPF enabled context menu back:


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  • This also occurs with Notepad++ and Cisco Network Magic

  • Also happens with Moo0 Transparent Menu if menu skin changed
    Screenshot :

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