How to Fix “Cannot Open AVI Error” While Updating Spybot S&D or Spyware Doctor?

Many Spybot S&D or Spyware Doctor users face a strange problem. When they try to update these software definitions, they get following error message:

Cannot Open AVI.

There is no help or support information and you are left clueless why this problem is occurring?


The reason behind this problem is "Vista Transformation Pack" (VTP). VTP replaces the Windows default AVI with Vista AVIs and when Spybot S&D or Spyware Doctor tries to update its definitions, it tries to load the default AVI to show the progress information but it doesn't find the AVI and it gives this error.

To fix this problem, uninstall VTP completely and then try to update the definitions, now it should work.

If you want to use VTP too, then re-install it but make sure you uncheck the option "Vista Video Clips" while installing it.

If you are not using VTP, but still facing this problem, then you must be using the very famous Windows XP SP3 Pirated version which can be found on almost each warez site and local CD shops. It contains Vista theme, icons, AVIs, etc along with a few virus, spyware. So better to use a Genuine Windows to keep yourself away from such problems and viruses.

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