How to Fix Annoying Cursor Jumping Problem While Typing Documents in Laptops?

Today I'm going to talk about one of the most irritating, annoying and frustrating problems I have ever encountered while using laptops. The problem occurs while typing some text. It doesn't matter what and where are you typing, you might be typing in Microsoft Word or a web browser or anywhere else. When you are typing some text, the mouse cursor automatically jumps to a different location and if you don't notice it and keep typing, you may end up with an unpredictable document which might look written in an alien language.

In past I was using Dell XPS 1530 laptop and I never faced such problem but when I got another laptop Dell XPS M15, I started having this annoying problem. I double-checked that my hands were not touching the touchpad accidentally. In fact I tried to type some text while looking at the keyboard and touchpad and still the cursor jumped to a different location.

First I thought that its a problem in my laptop but then I searched on Internet, I found there are many people who have faced the same problem while using a laptop with touchpad. Most of them were using laptops of Dell, HP or Sony.

So its definitely a problem present in some laptops and not in your hands. So what's the solution? How to fix this annoying cursor jumping problem?

Here is the answer! I found that a freeware "TouchFreeze" can fix this problem. It has been suggested by lots of people in Microsoft communities as well.

TouchFreeze is a free software which automatically disables the touchpad of your laptop as soon as you start typing. Since the touchpad is disabled, the cursor will not jump automatically while typing.


You just need to install the software and it'll sit in system tray. Its very simple to use and doesn't need any configuration. If you want to close it, you can right-click on its icon in system tray and select exit option.

If you are using a laptop and facing similar problem, you can give this freeware a try using following link:

Download TouchFreeze for Windows


Windows 8 and later operating systems come with a built-in option to prevent accidentally moving cursor while typing. You can find this option in PC Settings (Metro Control Panel).

1. Open Charms Bar by moving your mouse cursor to top-right or bottom-right corner of screen and then click on Settings option.

2. Now click on "Change PC settings" option given at the bottom.

3. It'll open Metro Control Panel or PC Settings page. Now go to "PC and devices -> Mouse and touchpad".

4. Now you just need to change the value of "To help prevent the cursor from accidentally moving while you type, change the delay before clicks work" option. First change its value to "No delay (always on)". If it doesn't work for you, try to change its value to "Long delay".


It should permanently disable the annoying cursor jump problem.

Have you also faced this problem while using a laptop? Feel free to share your experience in your comment...


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  • Is there a hotkey for this to disable/enable it?

  • The issue isn't the technology. The problem is the user. This application enables bad typing habits. 1. Not looking at the screen when typing and 2. Poor posture which could result in wrist injury. Learning how to type properly would be much more valuable than this software.

    My 2 cents.

  • Awesome! i always have this problem with dell's work laptop.


  • What would you do for an oversensitive touchpad that "latches onto" every link and opens them without a real click?

  • @Moreno - Most touchpad software drivers can be configured to adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad, both during moving the cursor normally as well as the tapping sensitivity. Check the Mouse control panel.

  • @macpro - Been there, done that. I have a new Lenovo G580 laptop that has these lousy goosebump type small dimples spread throughout the pad. I believe that the pad feels pressure against these bumps and interprets them as clicks. I've googled G580 touchpad sensitivity" and it seems to be a common complaint. The best touchpads I've had in the past are the stainless steel types that let you "glide" your forefinger across them with ease and "know" what a real click is. The G580 is way too oversensitive and "grabs" on just about every link as I move the mouse cursor across the screen. Invariably it will open undesired links and the times I do a real click, the stupid pad doesn't engage.

  • @Moreno - I feel your pain. I also really dislike that style of touchpad and unfortunately it is becoming increasingly common amongst laptops. Too bad it's almost impossible to cure.

  • Also that's why I usually disable tap-to-click anyway, I never use it and severely dislike it.

  • It's not the touchpad itself, it's a Windows software glitch.

  • macpro622776 - I agree. I have no idea why that feature was even designed in the first place.

  • I have a problem with my touchpad (Dell Inspiron N4050). When I touch (without moving my finger to move the cursor), the cursor always jump and jump to another place non-stop. So now I can't use my touchpad. Now I have to use mouse :( What's problem with my laptop?

  • VG

    ^^ It sounds a hardware problem. You should ask a technician to check the touchpad.

  • @Andreas: I actually think it sounds like an outdated driver. I'd try updating the driver through Dell's website. If that doesn't work, I'd try updating the driver through the manufacturer's site (usually Synaptics). If neither of those work, then it's most likely a hardware problem. If that's the case, I'd take it to an electronics store like Best Buy and have it repaired.
    Although, it's a good idea to back up your system, the registry, and take out the hard disk drive before allowing them to repair it. I once had to bring a Toshiba Satellite to Geek Squad to get a broken screen fixed and when I got it back, the hard drive was formatted. So I'd back up your registry, back up your system, and then take the hard drive out (preferrably in that order) to lower your chances of losing your data. Hope this helps!

    ~ N Studios 2013

  • On my XP, left click = double click. Not always, but very, very often. The mouse takes a single left click as a double one. It's very, very annoying. I tried to reduce the mouse's sensitivity in Control panel, but the problem still persists. What is to be done?

  • many thanks to this app! It's been a long time nuisance in my laptop finally found the solution!

  • @Robert -- armchair strategist
    I have placed stiff cardboard over my Acer Aspire 5315 -- and I still get cursor jump
    Acer have even created a patch for this problem but I have just stayed with my trusty cardboard patch.

    The Acer cannot be tweaked because there is no settings.
    One persons experience is not everyones.

  • I have a Toshiba Satellite c6600
    And as I am typing it swipes over my message and deletes all I have written also the curser has a mind of its own! It opens any stuff it hovers over closing pages too..
    I have had it repaired once but its happened again and 11 and a half months later it is out of warranty.
    I have been told to pay £50 to be looked at by KnowHow from Currys Has anyone had a similar problem?

  • @Rose - I went through the exact same frustrations with a Dell Inspiron 15R running 64-bit Win7. It was even worse because I've been disabled for 13 years and the HP laptop that I had been very happily using completely gave up the ghost even after several trips to see a local tech with the best reputation in town. The Dell was lovingly and generously sent to me by a very kind friend that I had worked with 20 yrs ago and I really did not want to tell her that it was TOO stressful to try and work on an otherwise very nice machine! I too searched the forums for a reasonable answer/solution (this was close to a year ago) and tried everything that sounded hopeful, but nothing was a true solution. I really have to try and avoid stress so that meant avoiding my favorite way of staying "in touch" with the rest of the world - reading & writing on the 'puter. My memory damage seems to get more severe each month so I really don't like to talk on the phone or have verbal communications in any way since many details are soon lost if I don't have a written record that I can look back on (both of what was told to me and of what I said).

    So, you don't mention if you have tried the solution mentioned in Vishal's article above - Touch Freeze? I would suggest that's where you start. I am just in the process of setting up a new computer and learning Win8 (oh my aching head!). Fortunately, I am able to completely turn off the touch-pad on this Lenovo G780 as I really enjoy using my Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 so that's the reason that I have not tried the software yet. Anyway, it sounds as though the only time the touch-pad will be deactivated will be when you are using the keyboard and that's all that you need.

    I also tried Trevor's trick of covering the touch-pad with similar results. I read one idea that worked well when I was trying to complete a form or something important online & was reaching my limit for stress - open your "Ease of Access Center" and choose to "Start On-Screen Keyboard." Then use the On-Screen Keyboard to type with (which actually means you are typing through the touch-pad and that does eliminate the bouncing cursor, but it's much slower & awkward so not a long-term solution.

    Then, I did find a solution that absolutely worked and very inexpensively! Here in the U.S. we have a discount, department store type place called Wal-Mart (they are also online, of course). They often carry many of those "gee wiz gadgets" that are sold over the TV for either $9.99, $14.99, $19.99, etc. They had a high contrast keyboard (keys were yellow with bold, black print), USB connection for $9.99. The visibility of the keyboard was the first thing that caught my interest because I often wake up at odd hours and immediately roll over to grab the 'puter and finish whatever task I fell asleep while trying to complete. Then I realized that being able to just grab the keyboard and leave the laptop on the little bedside stand would also be a benefit (the stand is built specifically for laptops and has wheels on it so I can pull it close enough to see the screen clearly). I was pleasantly surprised to discover that when I connected the new keyboard to the computer, I could type as long as I wanted and there was NO bouncing cursor problem so I feel rather confident in suggesting that folks try attaching and using an alternate keyboard to avoid the cursor problem. I was not concerned about spending $10 because I knew that sooner or later the keyboard would come in handy or if it didn't fix the problem & I didn't want to wait for sooner or later, I could return it with no problems.

    Best of luck to everyone who is struggling with this problem; I really am surprised that it has not been eliminated yet by the powers that be since it truly can render a laptop virtually useless.

    @Robert - don't want to make you feel picked upon, but Trevor is 100% correct. Most of the problems that I've heard about or experienced re:bad, bouncing cursor has nothing to do with anyone's typing technique, posture or anything similar. It matters not even one smidgen that you are looking directly at the screen while you are typing - if you are a typist of any speed, your fingers have already typed the equivalent of another 1/2 line while the cursor has flown to the top of your document, highlighted most if not all of the paragraphs and, just as you stop typing, you hit that final key and it's all gone! Of course, you are putting Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y to good use because of these misadventures, but you no sooner get back to where you left off than the cursor takes off again and you eventually find it outside the borders of the document this time! It is a never ending battle that damages productivity, to say nothing of the original ideas that you are trying to develop for your written piece.

  • @Vishal Gupta - Thank you so very much for a very informative and helpful site - I am a great fan of Mozilla's Firefox and I have been greatly helped by some of your articles on Win8. I am so very sorry to hear of your discomfort and pain and I do pray that you are well on your way to a successful recovery. Do try to follow your doctor's orders even if you have to decrease the information that you are kindly providing to us right now - it sounds as though I am not the only one who will gladly be patient while you heal; we'll be here waiting for your help!

    There is one thing that I would find very helpful if I'm not somehow overlooking it: I cannot see any date on the articles nor on the comments. I'm guessing that other readers depend upon the date of their newsletter to determine the date of the article? My problem is that I'm trying not to request any more email just so that I will not end up feeling stressed & over-obligated by too much e-mail as I have done several times over the years. I prefer to keep your site on my tab page and either review it from that link or from the Google+ link. Anyhoo, if it would not be too much trouble, I would appreciate dates on the articles - if that's a problem, I certainly can live without them!

    Again, thank you for your contributions on behalf of your cyber audience and we look forward to the happy news that your pain is gone and you are free to live life as you enjoy it!

  • I am also facing the problem as mouse cursor is jumping when we are typing on the screen for HP Laptops.

    But by updating touchpad drivers the problem will solve.

  • Hi VG ,I have a problem with my laptop .It just start with no motherboard logo just a blank screen an keeps on restarting every 5 seconds .Is it a virus or Hardware Problem ? Please Help and Sorry for my bad English .

  • VG

    ^^ It seems a BIOS problem. You should ask a technician to check your system.

  • Until recently, I've only owned Toshiba laptops. I never thought to look for this problem on line because I thought it was an idiosyncrasy of Toshiba. Apparently not. Because I typed for a living, this proved to be exceedingly frustrating for me. I made it a point to watch very carefully to see if I was somehow hitting the touch pad with any body parts, but I discovered that the cursor would jump even if my wrists were up to two inches above the touch pad. I finally just went in and disabled the touch pad on my own so that it doesn't work when the mouse is attached. That worked.

  • Yes, I had this problem with Windows 7, Office 2007. I installed TouchFreeze for Windows and then the problem has been fixed. Thank you

  • I have a Dell Inspiron, was working fine until a few days ago, My warranty expired with Dell. Who should I call, Microsoft?

  • It work for first 5 minutes...!!
    Thank u bro U saved my Life(Frustration, Fear of formatting and losing data etc) :)
    I hope it dosen't repeat afterwards... As it does always !!

  • thanks a bunch i can do my work on my Laptop...till now rarely use for any Office work....was so frustrating .....feeling so good without my cursor jumping every still does bt rarely..thanks a bunch

  • Updating touch pad driver fixed my issue. I have a HP laptop

  • Touch Freeze has saved my sanity. I thought I had a virus despite having all the virus protectors in the world on my computer. Took it to a Tech and they could not fix it. So happy that Touch Freeze has fixed it for me and I will no longer have to stop typing and correct my text with almost every word typed. I was ready to throw this Dell laptop out the window.......
    I have a Dell Laptop VOSTRO with Windows 7 working perfectly now
    Thanks so much Touch Freeze

  • Touch freeze has solved my problem
    Thank you so much , iam programmer
    because of this cursor issues i have got so many issues

    Thank you so much Thank you

  • Thank you so much ^_^ I can finally do my uni work on my laptop without wanting to throw it across the room!!

  • thank you so much! don't know how the problem started, but TouchFreeze is a lifesaver and definitely fixed the problem.

  • even though after installed the touch freeze software problem not solves

  • Thank you very much for this great help. I was searching for the solution of this problem for a long time. You really did a great job.

  • I am having this problem as you described but I AM not using the Touchpad...I have a wireless cursor but I thought I had it disabled the Touchpad. Will try the Touch freeze. I will be typing along and then another page comes up OVER what I am typing and I continue to type and then the other page disappears. But even now..all my words are running together and I have to go back and click a space between each word. Very frustrating. I am a fast typist and that was my job years ago. Just wondering if I am typing too fast for this laptop. I have a SONY F series laptop.

  • "TouchFreeze" didn't fix the problem with my F750US Compaq. There must be some other reason why these laptops act up.

  • Touch pad worked for me. I have a Lenovo. What a relief.

  • I have an accer. Thank you. Now i can run and type my research

  • Thanks for the help, at the moment it seems to have worked with "TouchFreeze".
    I suspect that as we are using an external wireless mouse, by physically unplugging the touchpad from its socket will achieve the same thing, although I am loath to do this until I add more memory. Once again, many thanks for your help.

  • TouchFreeze is a God send. I had pretty much written off my tiny refurbished laptop, saddened by the fact that I would never be able to do actual work. Now I can, thanks to this fix. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  • I just now found a solution. I am using lenovoL440. I had this probelm for horrible two weeks. The solution is very simple. I just kep the mouse cursor in a non working area for eg. in an area you are not working ie, it it is outlook keep the cursor on the right top, if it is IE, keep the cursor on top. It works really,.......................

  • Wow, Its working.. Thanks for solving my long standing problem.

  • Thanks a lot. Touchfreeze has helped the problem of cursor jumping to random locations when typing. Thanks a ton. Typing now very happily.

  • I just wanted to say thank you very much for sharing the hot tip on correcting my very annoying problem, of my cursor jumping around. It will save me a lot of time and aggravation. Does this function get warm in time and the program you recommended to me just compensates? I just wanted to say thank you very much and your doing a great service. Many blessings back to you, Aron

  • I had this problem some time ago and found a little utility program that seems to work fine. It is called Touchpad Blocker. You can control how long after a keyboard strike that the touchpad is unresponsive. I started with 1.5 seconds, then 1 second, now I am at .75 second which seems to work best. I guess the idea is that you may want to use your touchpad ocassionally so this program does not turn it off, it just kills it for a time.

  • I am having problem in my laptop that the cursor is moving annoyingly. i have followed the driver updates. but still facing the same problem. please suggest me to rectify the

  • i am facing this problem right now but not while typing
    its happening when i move cursor via touchpad and if i click on touchpad to select something or to close folder cursor automatically jumps in the top-right corner of the screen
    & this delay method is not working with this
    pls somebody help me cz its really annoying......
    thank you.......

  • Hello,

    This mostly happen to people (me included) that has this small track-stick or whatever you have on your laptop the small mouse that resides between letters G-H-B. in may laptop (latitude e6410)
    this little point stick has a click option when you tap on it. It is also very sensitive. so when i am typing i sometimes accidentally tap on it. It assumes that i clicked and take me to the last position where my mouse resides. I disabled it via delltpad software which enabled me to disable/enable pointing devices on my laptop. Just check if you have this track stick on your keyboard and disable it.

  • When typing the text on hp laptop then cursor move one place to another place plz give me solution

  • worked for a week but now same issue.. need help

  • Please VG, I have a problem on my Dell Inspiron 15R, Windows 8 laptop that sometimes when I use the touchpad, the mouse pointer jumps back to the right corner of the screen. Then again when I bring it back to any other place, it again automatically jumps back to the right upper corner of the screen as soon as I leave my contact with the touchpad. Please help me solve this annoying problem!

  • I used to have a major problem with my cursor jumping all over the screen, especially after I typed the letter "n" in a word. Didn't matter if I was typing in a Web browser, Excel, Word, etc. Every time I typed an "n" the cursor would jump and reposition itself in the middle of another word somewhere, and I'd end up with indecipherable text. I was so frustrated, I couldn't deal with it any longer and ordered another laptop from Dell. Before my new computer arrived, though, someone suggested that I tape a business card or an index card over the touchpad on my laptop. I taped a business card over the touchpad about two months ago and have not had any more problems with my cursor jumping. The new laptop is still in its box, unopened and unused, as I continue to get lots more life out of my old computer.

  • Thank you,it has worked, with touchfreeze!
    Before that, the coursor wandered, even when I - the touchpad being disabled - only went with the palm of my hand over the keyboard without touching it.

  • I found the jumping text syndrome was caused by a Windows Driver Update. Go to: Control Panel - Mouse - Hardware - Properties - Change Settings - Continue - Driver - Roll Back Driver. le voilà ...

  • thank you so much- but is there a program that stops cursor flickering completely?that would be awesome

  • Thank you!!!! I had seen somewhere that toggling Alt F6 would work and it does but who wants to do that all the time. It might help the person who wanted to disable it??? But for me this solution is awesome! Thank you!!!! Also touchfreeze worked in Word but then I went to type in a search phrase in Bing and there you go, my cursor jumped to where the mouse was!!! aaarg. I have 8.1 on Lenovo

  • The issue IS NOT the user. It may be user-caused in SOME circumstances but, I have setup tests wherein I have a person watching my hands while I type. Results? NOT user initiated. My cursor does bizarre things mostly when I type very fast.

    No matter... TouchFreeze works and a big THANK YOU to those geeks that worked to remedy the issue. Donation on the way.

  • Hi Vishal,

    Thanks for life saving tip.

    The cursor jumping was so annoying that it was wasting more than 2 hours of my time daily as I am mostly on the laptop writing and replying emails. At time the cursor would jump and automatically high light the whole para and before I realize, any movement on the key would delete the whole write up. It was so frustrating. I never had this problem on my earlier VAIO laptop which had the Windows Vista but I bought a new ASUS with Windows 8 and my work life turned in to a nightmare and it started taking me more time to complete the work even though the new laptop was many times faster than the earlier one.

    I did not use the TouchFreeze software but used your suggestion for Windows 8 platform using PC settings and so far it is working fine. Hopefully, I have at last found the solution, thanks to your blog.

    Best Wishes.

    Pramod Chopra

  • Thankyou!! Been driving me crazy since Windows 10 update! :) :)

  • Thank you! I really didn't want to download touchfreeze considering I just bought this computer. Worked like a charm.

  • Perfect !
    Worked first try with minimal amount of effort
    top score

  • @Robert, Thanks for your patronising two cents but it is annoying if you are looking at the screen or not, the problem is with the tech.

  • Thanks, I downloaded touch free software, installed it and the problem disappeared as it was never. On this laptop, We had been facing this problem since last two year, I discussed it so many times with my vendor but I didn't find the solution. But this software worked amazingly.

    Thanks you so much

  • I am using a Toshiba Satellite C55-B5299 laptop. Originally it's operating system was Windows 8.1 and the problem with the mouse cursor jumping all over the place while I am typing and the fonts will get very big or very small, was there from day one. then we upgraded to Windows 10 and it is even worse. Am fed up. Please help me.
    Thank you in advance.

  • download my laptop it work thank for help

  • I have been having the same problems discussed above, and tried various solutions. Finally I did the following, and all the jumping disappeared:

    Procedure for installing (updating) Synaptic Pointing Device Driver
    (Installation has the effect of eliminating unwanted skipping while typing associated with thumbs being close to the touchpad)

    Select Orb and type “synaptic touchpad”

    Click “Synaptic Touchpad” folder

    Click “Setup”

    Continue and install Synaptic Pointing Device Driver

    Re-start laptop


  • i always use touch pad on my laptop but now i can only use the stupid touch screen which i hate, how can i simply get it back? the cursur has disappeared too, No One can help! can you?

  • If you would have done more research you would have found this problem is not just on a laptop its desktops also and most don't use a touch pad . Seems to be really bad on FB and then the you can't post and have to refresh and of course they are useless and MSN is useless too

  • Touchfreeze worked perfectly fine for my Sony Via E series Core I5 as well.


  • Rob: the way you type has nothing todo with the cursor jumping all over the place.I

  • Rob: Typing styles has nothing at all to do with the problem. I have been a trained 'typist' since 1967. There is no way my wrist etc. touches the touch pad - which I have disabled. Tried typing with just one finger, and still had the problem with last computer, and now with my new computer. Definitely a Microsoft software problem. Gabrielle

  • I am facing the same problem on my Laptop Dell Inspiron 4050. the touchFreez software resolved my problem and i am so happy

  • I tried every possible suggestion I found.. Changed settings on keyboard, mouse, reinstalled windows 10, updated Lenovo settings on my laptop, and still the cursor kept going jumping to beginning.. I finally called Lenovo, and they suggested I gently lift with BACKSPACE BUTTON with a thin edge and clean...Presto problem solved

  • My problem: cursor re-positions itself sporadically while typing or paused. Quite annoying.

    Solution: re-position cell phone a minimum of 5 feet from the mouse. Voila!

    I suppose that other wireless devices might cause a similar issue.

  • very easy change the board you write on.or the key pad. u buy a new one and u can fix urself. u can make sure before doing get a key pad from a pc and stick it to ur laptop and see it will not jump.

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