How to Enable Titlebar Text and Icon and Put Tabs on Bottom in Mozilla Firefox 28 and Later?

We told you earlier that Mozilla has launched the "Australis UI" in Firefox 28.0 version which is currently under development and testing and can be downloaded using Nightly branch:

Mozilla Firefox Nightly Build News and Updates

There are many big UI changes in this new Australis UI and one of these changes is the removal of orange Firefox button from titlebar. Now the button has been removed and has been replaced by a new Menu button present at the extreme right corner of toolbar.


The removal of Firefox button caused one big issue for some users. In other words it removed a basic feature of the browser which was showing titlebar text and icon. Actually when the orange Firefox button was present, one can disable the orange button and enable good old Menu bar by right-clicking on the toolbar and select "Menu Bar" option as mentioned in following tutorial:

How to Remove Orange Button from Titlebar and Get Old Menu Bar Back in Mozilla Firefox?

Once the Menu bar is enabled, the titlebar text and icon was automatically shown in the browser.

Now Mozilla has removed the orange button from titlebar and the Menu bar has also been moved to titlebar, so even if you enable Menu bar, the titlebar text and icon is not shown.

Now the question occurs how to enable titlebar text and icon in newer Firefox versions? Here is the answer.

Mozilla has added a new option to toggle Titlebar on or off in the latest Nightly build. Now you can enable or disable titlebar text and icon in Firefox with the click of a single button.

If you are using a Nightly, UX or Aurora build of Firefox which comes with the new Australis UI, you can enable Titlebar text and icon with the help of following simple steps:

1. Open Firefox and right-click on the empty area of Tab bar and click on "Customize..." option. Alternatively you can also access the same option using the new Menu button present at the right end of Firefox toolbar.

2. It'll open the new "Customize Firefox" interface where you can add, remove or move buttons and toolbars in Firefox window. You'll notice a new button "Title Bar" present at the bottom of the window.


Just click on it and it'll immediately enable titlebar text and icon in Firefox window. If you want to disable the titlebar, click on the button again.


PS: Actually its not a new feature of Firefox. Mozilla has cleverly put a direct shortcut to toggle an old about:config preference "browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar" on or off in the form of this new "Title Bar" button in customize Firefox window. We have discussed this preference long time back in following tutorial:

How to Show Tabs Below Orange Button When Mozilla Firefox is Maximized?

If you check "about:config" page before and after clicking on the new "Title Bar" button, its just toggling value of "browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar" preference.

This tutorial will come handy for all Firefox users when Firefox 28.0 version is released to Stable channel.

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