How to Enable Smooth Scrolling Feature in Opera Web Browser?

Smooth scrolling is a useful feature which comes enabled by default in Windows operating system and almost all software such as Microsoft Office suite and web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Smooth scrolling as the name suggests, helps you in scrolling up and down in program windows or webpages smoothly without any glitch.

Unfortunately two popular web browsers Google Chrome and Opera don't come with smooth scrolling feature enabled. Although these web browsers contain this feature but the developers have not enabled it by default.

We have told you in past how to enable smooth scrolling feature in Google Chrome web browser:

How to Enable Smooth Scrolling Feature in Google Chrome?

Now its turn of Opera. Recently our reader "Andre Christian" asked us how to enable smooth scrolling in Opera so we decided to create this tutorial so that all interested Opera users can take benefit of this hidden feature.

If you also want to enable smooth scrolling feature in Opera web browser, just follow these simple steps:

1. First you'll need to access hidden secret advanced configuration page of Opera using opera://flags command in addressbar as told in following tutorial:

How to Access "Advanced Configuration" Pages in Web Browsers?

2. Once you open Opera flags page, look for "Smooth Scrolling" option. It'll be present in the middle of the page. You can search for "smooth scrolling" term using findbar by pressing "Ctrl+F" keys together.

3. Once you find the option, click on Enable button given below it as shown in following screenshot:


4. That's it. Restart Opera and now you'll be able to enjoy smooth scrolling feature in Opera similar to other web browsers.

Opera://flags is a great place to enable/disable many interesting and advanced features in Opera...

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  • thnx. Very useful. :)

  • I always missed it. Thanks for the tip.

  • Thanks

  • Opera Chrome ~~

  • When I search for "smooth" in flags, I got this message: "Uses a secondary thread to perform webpage compositing. This allows smooth scrolling, even when the main thread is unresponsive. - Sorry, this experiment is not available on your platform." Why is that so?

  • [though a first time user for Opera] smooth scrolling is no longer available in experiments

  • search "smooth" and it's not there anymore.
    even manually scroll, cant find it.

  • When I typed smooth it said there is no such option available

  • OS Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.
    I'll ask simple after larger Microsoft update 2 days ago, had installed Opera 33 latest and everything worked fine. Now I updated Opera latest 34 and it works fine even better but my OS doesn't recognize it at all. Tried with compatibility no results. I'm aware that Windows 10 doesn't provide support for non Store apps, but in my case it's written that can install other non Store apps if I trust the source. For other apps installed on my PC the same thing, have to wait for other Microsoft update to be recognized. Any ideas? Your opinion is of great value for me.
    Thanks in advance,
    Alex Petree

  • VG

    ^^ Try to uninstall Opera and then reinstall it. It seems the program was not registered properly after update.

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