How to Enable New “Side Tabs” Feature in Google Chrome? Show Tabs in Left Sidebar

Recently we told you about new hidden feature "Compact Navigation" in Google Chrome browser:

How to Enable New "Compact Navigation" Feature in Google Chrome?

Now its turn of another cool secret feature in Google Chrome v13.

"Side Tabs" is a new feature in Chrome which allows you to show tabs in left sidebar of browser window. Its good for people who have widescreen display.

Following is a screenshot of this new feature in action:


To enable this feature, follow these simple steps:

1. Type about:flags in addressbar and press Enter.

2. You'll see "Side Tabs" option listed at the top.


Click on Enable link.

3. Restart your browser and after restart, right-click on tab and select "Use side tabs" option.


That's it. It'll show tabs in left sidebar. Enjoy...

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  • which is the best browser totally?

  • VG

    ^^ It depends upon the user. You should give a try to all popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE and then decide which suites better to your requirements.

  • Hmm... It's no more in "about:flags".

  • @zydrius32

    Ofcourse...I love to have one.

  • If you want side tabs - get - absolute gold!

  • Not work anymore =(

  • Yes, it's there. NOT.

  • It has been removed and still 3 years later it is not there.
    I don't know whether this will do any good, but I started a petition asking google to bring vertical tabs back. Join me and sign if you care,

  • Not available as of version 44, not even in experimental mode.

    Bad Chrome BAAAAAAD!

  • If you want side tabs go to chrome store and search for extension called chrome side tabs it works for me using chrome version 44

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