How to Enable New “Compact Navigation” Feature in Google Chrome? Make Toolbar and Addressbar Auto-Hidden

We all know that Google has released stable version 13 of its web browser Chrome:

[Software Update] Google Chrome 13 Stable Release Now Available for Download

The new version comes with lots of new features like instant page rendering and print preview.

One new feature which you'll definitely want to try is "Compact Navigation". Now you can disable the toolbar and addressbar in Google Chrome to save screen space.

Once you enable this feature, you'll only see back/forward buttons, wrench icon and tabs in titlebar, nothing else. As soon as you open a new tab, you'll get the addressbar as a drop-down box below the tab as shown in following screenshot:


You can also forcefully show the addressbar any time usingĀ  a simple left-click on the tab.

Just follow these simple steps to enable this hidden feature:

1. Type about:flags in addressbar and press Enter.

2. Scroll down and you'll get an option "Compact Navigation".


3. Click on Enable link.

4. Now right-click on tab and select "Hide the toolbar" option.


5. That's it. It'll hide the toolbar and addressbar and you'll have more space on your screen to browse your favorite websites.


It really looks neat in compact navigation mode. Which option do you prefer?

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