How to Enable “Inline AutoComplete” Feature in Windows Explorer and Run Dialog Box?

Almost all modern web browsers come with "Inline AutoComplete" feature which automatically fills the matching URL in addressbar as soon as you start typing text in browser addressbar. This feature is quite handy and saves lots of time.

Did you know the same "Inline AutoComplete" feature also exists in Windows Explorer and Run dialog box? That's true. Windows has this functionality built-in but doesn't come with this option enabled by default.

In this tutorial, we'll tell you how to enable this useful "Inline AutoComplete" feature in Windows Explorer and Run dialog box.

Following are a few screenshots which will help you in understanding this cool feature:

Windows Explorer without Inline AutoComplete feature (default):


Windows Explorer with Inline AutoComplete feature:


Run box without Inline AutoComplete feature (default):


Run box with Inline AutoComplete feature:


So without wasting time, lets start the tutorial:

1. To enable this feature, you'll need to open Internet Options window. You can open it using Control Panel or Internet Explorer.

Or directly launch it by providing inetcpl.cpl command in RUN or Start Menu search box.

2. Now go to "Advanced" tab, scroll down a bit and enable "Use inline AutoComplete in Windows Explorer and Run Dialog" option.


PS: In Windows XP, the option is a little bit different. You'll need to enable "Use inline AutoComplete (Outside of Internet Explorer)" option. Thanks to our reader "Shanmukh" for mentioning it.

3. Apply the changes and enjoy the inline AutoComplete feature in Windows Explorer and Run dialog box.

If you want to disable the feature again, simply uncheck the checkbox mentioned in step 2 and apply the changes.

NOTE: If you want the opposite and want to disable inline AutoComplete feature in Internet Explorer, disable the option "Use inline AutoComplete in the Internet Explorer Address Bar and Open Dialog" as shown in the above screenshot.

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  • I thought IE was a separate software from windows?

  • VG

    ^^ No. Its tightly integrated with Windows.

  • @ VG , for Windows XP , it says it differently ... The option is " Use inline AutoComplete ( outside of Internet Explorer ) ........

  • Even though I enabled it in Internet Explorer, inline autocomplete is not working for me.
    Any suggestions ?

  • Nice.

  • nice tip. for someone who knows most of these minor tweaks/options, i don't think i've ever noticed this one. thanks!

  • it feels a bit like google chrome

  • Great!! :D

  • nice i dont know about this earlier, but why microsoft dont enable by default.

  • Very useful tip.Thanks.

  • Ok, I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but why is this option in the "Internet Options" of IE?

  • Don't want to sound like I am bragging but I have used this feature for about 5\6 years now.....Must have turned it on years ago as I did not know that you have to turn it on to use it.

  • Nice find.

  • nice tip...i want big folds icons in windows xp explorer like in windows 7...could it be possible

  • Helpful solution

  • This is really helpful solution.

    Nice tip...


  • I fail to see how this option has anything to do with internet settings. Dumb and unintuitive microsoft strikes again.

  • This feature was originally enabled on my computer.
    At some point it stopped, and I looked for a long time how to enable it back ...
    Thank you very much for the tip!

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