How to Enable Image Slide Show Feature on Windows 8.1 Lock Screen?

In past few days we have told you about various cool features present in Microsoft's latest OS Windows 8.1. Today we are going to share yet another interesting feature of Windows 8.1.

If you can remember we told you earlier that Windows 8.1 will allow users to set multiple images slide show on Lock Screen similar to a screensaver. Today in this tutorial we'll tell you how to enable this feature and how to set image slideshow on Windows 8.1 Lock Screen.

If you are using Windows 8.1 and want to enjoy this new feature, check out following simple steps:

1. First of all move your mouse cursor to top-right or bottom-right corner of screen to show Charms Bar. Now click on Settings option.

2. Now click on "Change PC settings" option given at the bottom.

3. It'll open Metro Control Panel or PC Settings page. Click on "Lock Screen" thumbnail present in "Top settings" section. You can also open it by going to "PC & devices -> Lock screen".

Here you can enable image slide show feature and customize various settings for slide show as shown in following screenshot:


Just set the option "Play a slide show on the lock screen" to On to enable slide show feature. If you want to show slide show even if your computer is on battery power, enable the option "Play a slide show when using battery power".

To add a folder containing images which you want to show in image slide show, click on "Add a folder" button and select the desired folder.

You can ask Windows to start slide show automatically on Lock Screen after a predefined time period using "Show the lock screen after my PC is inactive for xx minues" option.

UPDATE: The above screenshot was taken using Windows 8.1 Preview version. Microsoft has changed some settings in final version of Windows 8.1 and now the Lock Screen slide show options screen looks as following:


You can see a new option "Include Camera Roll folders from This PC and SkyDrive" has been added and a previous option "Let Windows choose pictures for my slide show" has been renamed to "Only use the pictures that will fit best on my screen".

4. That's it. Once you finish customizing various settings of slide show feature, close PC settings page and get ready to enjoy image slide show on Windows 8.1 Lock Screen.

PS: If you want to turn off image slide show feature, simply set the option "Play a slide show on the lock screen" to Off.

Bonus Tip: If you scroll down to bottom of Lock Screen settings page, you'll find an option to turn on or off "Camera" on Lock Screen as mentioned here.

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